10 Male Privileges Women Don’t Have and Want Now

While we have made great strides toward equality in recent years, sexism will always exist. Men will always have male privilege, as well as women having women privilege.

While some of these on the list will take longer to correct, can we give women some pockets already?

Feeling Safe Alone

While some could argue this as it's only perceived that they feel safe, in reality, even men don't like walking alone at night as they could easily be taken off guard as well.



One woman states, “Pockets in all pants!” It's an old joke among women; they want pockets and get incredibly excited when they find a pair of pants or even a skirt or dress with pockets.


Not Being Harassed

One woman says, “Not having a fear of being harassed on the streets, at work, at home, at school, at a club, and that I'm able to be polite and kind to everyone without it meaning I'm flirting with every single person.”


Be Able to Just Hang Out

One woman explains why this is hard, “I'd like to invite dates to come chill at my place (or to go to his place) to sit and chat without a very strong fear of being taken advantage of.”


Support System

“Overall, the female healthcare is set so far back, the position we give birth in is insanely inconvenient for everyone except doctors, and we are less likely to get painkillers or anesthesia when requested.”


Doctors Listening to Them