10 Most Ridculous Things Men Have To Explain To Grown Women 

Related: 10 Creepy Things Women Do According to MenWe've all had moments where our brain “hiccups,” and we say or think something really dumb.

Other times, we were misinformed, uneducated, or just a little dumb and needed to be corrected. Hopefully, these people learned something from their encounters.

Blue Is for Water

One user sets the scene on a plane ride where a woman reads the inflight pamphlet. She commented, “Wow, I didn't realize the flight from San Diego to Houston is totally over water.


West Virginia Is West of Virginia

Sometimes when you say that stupid thing, you're not misinformed. Instead, you have a moment where you should have thought a little more complexly.


Don't Enter Your Card Information

It's hard to believe that, to this day, there are still people who do not understand and do not put any payment information on a site you do not know.


Better To Buy Direct

When purchasing something online through a third party, sometimes you are offered better discounts or perks. But it is important to note that you must purchase through a third party to receive them.


Sarcasm Is Lost on Some

Not everyone understands or enjoys sarcasm. Sometimes when in a moment or place where a person is nervous or afraid, a sarcastic joke doesn't seem funny and can make a person even more fearful.