10 Most Unattractive Things Men Do That You Should Avoid

A man can be extremely attractive but has a personality trait that is just an immediate turn-off.

Here are the top 10 things women say they find insanely unattractive in men.

Being an Absentee Father

One user stated, “Anyone who knowingly dates an absentee father is no better than the absentee father. If you don't have time for your kid, then you don't have time to date.”


Telling Dirty Jokes Too Soon

One user explained, “I had a guy in the same driving class. He was a bit goofy and odd but friendly enough. He asked for my number, and I was all good about it.


Thinking They Are Better

One user said, “When they genuinely think they are so much better than everyone around them, actively go out of their way to remind everyone else how pitiful and useless they are all the time, and refuse to accept any viewpoint or opinion that isn't their own.”


Saying They're an Alpha Male

“I have always felt if someone calls himself alpha, it immediately becomes clear to me they are not and have no idea what it actually is.” stated one user.


” Not being able to cook or clean.” One user explained. “Those are life skills. I don't think you need to be a master chef or have an immaculate house.


When They Cant Take Care of Themselves