10 Surprising Professions People Have No Respect For

When it comes to professions, everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some professions just ooze toxicity.

A group of people in an online forum came together to name a profession that they have absolutely no respect for. Here are ten of the most popular responses.

People At the Top of MLM Pyramids

Revenue was dropping, hard, which meant that their bonuses were also dropping big time. She eventually stopped with the It Works stuff, and he got a job again.


Payday Loan Sharks

“My ex-wife, against my insistence that she not, got a title loan on her car for $1800. She paid $300/m for 6 months and still owed $1800. I asked to see the paperwork and it was a 205% 30 day loan.


Call Center Employees

“One of my parents' friends came within minutes of sending some scammer like $250,000. Fortunately the person at the bank talked her out of it, going so far as to get a manager involved, and to call her husband.


Online Event Ticket Resellers

“Online event ticket buyers – ppl who try to predict the demand for an event (concert, sports, etc) and bulk buy tickets to re-sell at higher prices.


“Those recruitment people for fake talent agencies. They do these whole presentations (often in person!) to get new actors and models to sign up at the end with an initiation fee sometimes in the thousands.


Recruiters for Fake Talent Agencies