Never Do These 10 Things In The Kitchen

Cooking can be fun and rewarding, but certain mistakes can turn a pleasant experience into a disaster. Recently on an online platform, people have shared the biggest cooking no-nos. From oven safety to measurement precision, these tips will help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure a successful and enjoyable cooking experience.

1. Firefighters' Tip: How To Put Out an Oven Fire

When a fire ignites in the oven, a firefighter cautions against the instinct to fling the door open, as this would only fuel the flames. Rather, one should shut the door to deprive the inferno of oxygen and stunt its spread. The oven's heat-retaining capacity can do much of the work for you, stifling the fire before it necessitates a call to the fire department. Opening the door could also trigger collateral damage by sparking towels or other combustible materials nearby.

2. Beware of the Shattered Casserole Lid

Beware of a grave blunder when cleaning up after your hot and bubbly casserole dish. A wise user warns against recklessly submerging the dish into a frigid sink, which could cause the glass lid to fracture into lethal shards. Instead, give the dish a chance to cool down or gradually bathe it in warmer water. A little patience can save you from a hazardous mess.

3. A Dangerous Mistake: Catching a Falling Knife

Chefs and cooks, take heed! One seasoned user imparts a crucial kitchen lesson that has bloodied many a hand: never attempt to snatch a falling knife. This instinctual move can land you in the hospital with severe injuries in a split second. The sensible action is to step back and let the blade clatter to the ground or redirect its descent to a secure spot.

4. Avoid Lumpy Sauces and Gravies With This Simple Trick

A connoisseur of the culinary arts advises against a classic kitchen faux pas that can muddle your sauces and gravies with unsightly lumps. To avoid this culinary catastrophe, mix your flour or cornstarch with a cool liquid to form a slurry before introducing it to the hot mixture. This simple maneuver will ensure a smooth, velvety texture that will have you savoring every last drop.

5. Wet Oven Mitts and Hot Pans Don't Mix

A kitchen enthusiast learned the hard way that moist oven mitts and fiery dishes do not mix. After suffering burns to their digits and losing their grip on a baking pan, they caution against this dangerous error. The reason is that damp fabric conducts heat far more efficiently than dry cloth, making you more susceptible to burns. Keep your mitts dry and your fingers intact.

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6. Grandma Knows Best: Don't Leave the Kitchen Unattended

“Don't leave the kitchen while cooking” is the sage advice one user's grandma passed down. The reason is simple: it's easy to lose track of time and end with a charred disaster. Not only can it ruin your meal, but it can also create a dangerous fire hazard. Staying focused and attentive while cooking is essential to ensure your dish turns out perfectly and avoid any mishaps.

7. Why Water Is Not the Solution for a Grease Fire

One user warns against the disastrous mistake of trying to extinguish a grease fire with water. Adding water to hot oil or grease is like fueling the fire, spreading and worsening. Instead, the user recommends using a fire extinguisher, covering the fire with a lid or baking sheet, or smothering the flames with baking soda or salt.

8. The Burger Mistake That Ruins the Flavor

“Smashing burgers on the grill is a rookie mistake,” warns one user. While it may seem like a quick way to cook your patties, it has the opposite effect. The delicious juices that make your burger mouthwatering get squeezed out, leaving you with a dry and flavorless patty. So, keep your spatula away from those tempting burgers and let them sizzle perfectly.

9. Baking Rule #1: Always Measure Ingredients Precisely

According to another person in the thread, guessing measurements in baking is a recipe for disaster. Precision is crucial when it comes to baking, and even small mistakes in measuring can have disastrous consequences. To ensure your baked goods come out perfectly, follow recipes and use measuring cups and spoons to get the right amount of each ingredient.

10. Let Your Steaks Rest Before Cutting Them

The final user advises against making the common mistake of cutting steaks immediately after cooking. Instead, let them rest for a few minutes before slicing, allowing the juices to redistribute and settle, resulting in a more tender and flavorful steak. Hurrying to slice your steak can prevent the juices from leaking, leaving you with a dry, less delicious piece of meat. So, take a deep breath and let your steak rest before diving in.

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