10 Surprising Things Women Say Men Truly Don’t Want To Hear But Should

Women confess to what they think men should hear but may not be ready to.

What do you think? Did we leave anything off the list?

It's My Job To Be Nice to You

One user informed, “I worked in customer service on commission. Almost every guy would interpret a sales pitch as flirting because I was a female.


Your Bathroom Needs To Be Cleaned

He had the most disgusting bathroom, so I brought it up to him later as a deal breaker, and his excuse was that he had a cleaning lady.”


Anger Is an Emotion

“Since anger is a secondary emotion, one could argue that men aren't emotional. But then again, since anger is hiding the true emotion, depression, fear, sadness, etc., this still proves to be true that men are emotional too.”


Stop Saying You're a Nice Guy

“Saying you are a nice guy is like a restaurant advertising they won't give you food poisoning.” one user said. “I feel like anyone who tries to sell you certain positive qualities by name is not those things.”


Support System

One user commented, “making us feel stupid for not knowing something doesn't make you look smart.” Another user says, “Nothing is less attractive than a man who makes people feel stupid.


You're Not Smart Just Because You Know Something I Don't