10 Terrible Things Women Need To Stop Doing to Each Other Now

It's hard for women to talk to each other about things that bother them about each other.

So we compiled a list of the top 10 things women want other women to know.

Stop Trying To Get Me To Join Your Multi-level Marketing Scam

“Literally everyone is meant to be a supply middleman, not a salesperson; the entire business is like a pyramid of middlemen, with customers never even entering the equation.”


Writing To Convicted Killers

I am embarrassed to be a woman whenever I read an article about some killer who got lots of press because his crime was awful, who then gets tons of “fan mail” from strange women to his prison cell,” one user stated.


Stop Being Mean To Other Women

Even if we dislike someone, there is no excuse to go out of our way to be rude and nasty to someone. Someone else's shine does not dim yours.”


Stop Over-Editing Your Pictures

One user said, “Stop photoshopping your photos to oblivion, thus reinforcing the unrealistic beauty standards. You know skin texture exists. So why do you pretend it doesn't?”


Support System

“Watching a woman try to suck up to men by dissing all other women and telling the story about how she's different and better than them is just so enraging,” one user confessed.


Stop Bringing Each Other Down