10 Things Men Hate About Other Men

The men of Reddit compiled a list of things that men hate about other men.

Guys Who Drink and Fight Everybody

“This happened during LAN party at my frats house. Dude got drunk wanted to fight. No one wanted to fight him so he went around and started un pluging everybody's stuff.


Guys Who Leave Creepy Messages on Girls' Social Media Posts

“I've always wondered what they think is going to happen after they post comments like that. Is she gonna message them saying ‘no one's every told me i'm beautiful.


Men Who Bash Their Own Gender To Get Girls

“Men who constantly bash their entire gender to try and impress women with how different they are. If you're trying to be “not like other men” to get lucky you are EXACTLY like other men.


‘Ugly' Men Judging Women Based on Looks

Another chimed in, “That reminds me of a time I was walking into a bar and a table of people outside were I guess judging all the girls and one of the guys said I was too skinny.


Men Who Think Everyone Wants Their Girl

One user suggested, “This could mean 3 things. 1, the guy is cheating and being overly paranoid because he assumes everyone does.


Men Who Openly Hate Their Wives

“Guys who hate their wives. They act like it's normal to hate being married or something, but it sounds miserable. My wife is my best friend. I can't imagine it any other way,” one guy shared.