10 Things That Are Acceptable for Women To Do but Not Men 

Double standards exist everywhere in society, most commonly between the two genders.

The Reddit community compiled a list of things that are generally acceptable for women to do, but men are frowned upon when they do it.

Talking To Strangers' Kids

“In general just “being good with children.” Kids love me because I never really grew up much myself, so they get attached easily, but I feel like I have to forcibly ignore them or push them away because people will look down on me in some way,” one guy said.


Insulting Looks

“I don’t know what to call it, but I was bullied by a women when I was school she always made fun of my looks, I made one single comeback she started bawling and someone how I turned into the bad guy.


Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

“Yeah I’ve been at it 8 years. Some days are awesome most days are exhausting, but I don’t get invited to the other stay at home parents things because they are “mom groups”.


Expressing Feelings

“I saw my sister speak about something that was upsetting her and I think I genuinely felt jealous when I realized I would never feel safe enough to express how I felt to anyone else.


Neither of them said hello to me either, but as the lone new guy in an established place I’m the [jerk] for not going up and introducing myself to everyone from the get go??” one guy said.


Being Shy