10 Things Women Do That Men Should Start Doing as Well

There are plenty of things, like skincare and moisturizing, that women already do. But why can't men do them too?

The Reddit community shared some things they believe men should start doing that women already do.


Not even just for looking younger, I'm 16 and i def need to do skincare more because my skin has little bumps and some whiteheads and I worry if that means I'm gonna get pimples soon (which I've never had) also besides like bumpy skin and whiteheads it's just good to keep your skin healthy.


Using Hand Lotion

“My dad refused to use hand lotion for a while and he kept getting big cracks in his knuckles. The cold would destroy his skin. He would only put lotion on when it was basically bleeding, by which point it can’t really do much help,” someone shared.



“Sewing. Sewing is awesome. I learned basic sewing to make some bow ties for my wedding and it's an extremely rewarding skill that allows you to repair clothes, save money, and it's superb meditation,” one user said.


Complimenting Each Other

“A guard at my work was wearing a special vest last weekend and I told him he looked really nice and the other guard was like “yeah Peter you look really nice today!”


“Now that I'm growing my hair out a little longer, didn't know how much I was missing out on not using hair conditioner,” one user said.


Conditioning Hair