10 Ways The Fast Food Industry Broke It’s Former Employees

Working in the food industry can be challenging, and dealing with rude customers can be even more stressful. Food service workers have seen everything from outrageous demands to unfounded complaints.

Recently on an online platform, people shared stories from food service workers who have experienced some of the most bizarre and frustrating customer encounters imaginable.

Coworker Pulls Out Gun at Work

The worker, known as Troy, claimed to be a gangsta and tried to prove it by revealing a loaded Glock from his waistband.


Drive-thru Worker Confronted by Angry Customer

While toiling away at a fast food joint, a user recollects an uneasy rendezvous with a rugged individual in a battered pickup truck.


Quitting Over a Disgusting Mess

Amidst the anecdotes of job woes, one person shared a tale of woe from their brief stint at Wendy's, leaving a bitter aftertaste in their memory.


Angry Customer Throws Drink at McDonald's Employee

During his part-time job at McDonald's while in college, a customer threw a drink at the drive-through worker one day instead of informing him about a low soda syrup.


Picture this: a 15-year-old working at McDonald's witnesses a horrifying accident. One of their coworkers trips and plunges half of their hand into the searing hot fry oil!

Worker Injured in Fryer Accident