20 Harmful Obsessions People Have That You Should Avoid

There is a fine line between hobbies and interests and straight-up obsession.

And some obsessions are just plain unhealthy. The Reddit community has some tales of their own to share on this topic.

24-Hour News Cycles

“It's good to stay involved and informed but man, if people would just turn off the news, I feel like 90% of our culture war would disappear overnight and we could focus on the real issues,” one user said.


Social Media Image

“A friend of mine's mother almost spends every waking hour on FB and Instagram. She is constantly updating the world on her life.


Influencer/Celebrity Lives

“Inclusive of influencers, streamers, and any other random person with a webcam. We get mad at narcissism but go out of our way to throw money at these folks.2



“Almost everyone in my office grabs there lunch and eats at there desk while working. Like you literally get hour and a half breaks if you want what are you doing lol.


Pointless Relationships

One user shared, “I spent most of my life like this, out of one relationship straight into another. It messed up my mind on what a healthy relationship looks like. 9 year's single now and I still don't know.”