He Cannot Take Care of a Dog but Wants Children, Brother Is Angry

A Reddit user shared his story of telling his brother and sister-in-law not to have a child since they can't even take care of a dog.

Tragic Loss

The original poster (OP) explained that his brother had a dog named Buddy. OP said he was well-behaved and didn't bark that much. Unfortunately, around ten months after they got him, Buddy died. OP said he was sad but that his brother and SIL acted like they didn't care. OP asked what happened to Buddy and they said he passed from natural causes.

OP said that soon after, they got another dog. He was a German Shepherd and they named him Max. OP said Max reminded him of Buddy, he just barked a little more frequently. When OP went to visit, he said that Max looked healthy and his tail was wagging. OP said that he visited weekly, and that every week, Max got skinnier.

OP said that eventually he stopped barking and was just laying there. Then he started to vomit. OP's brother and SIL told him not to worry and that he was “just sick.” OP said that response made him angry, so he picked up Max and took him to the vet. The vet told OP that Max wasn't in good condition and might not even make it another week.

OP was very angry with his brother and SIL, but thankfully Max pulled through.

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A Happy Ending

OP went to his brother's house and asked them if he could keep Max. They agreed and his brother even told him that they were planning to give him away anyway because they were planning to have a baby. OP said his blood boiled. He was so angry and he said he found the courage to confront them and tell them that if they can't even take care of a dog, they shouldn't have kids.

His SIL looked at him hatefully and his brother told him to get out. His brother texted him later saying OP was a jerk and he hurt their feelings. OP also got a text from his mom saying he had created World War III in the family. OP said he doesn't regret what he said, and that it was the truth. He said he hasn't spoken to his brother or SIL for weeks nor any of his other family members except for his cousin, who took his side.

OP said that despite the fact that pretty much his whole family has painted him as a villain, he feels that he probably saved the baby's life.

Was OP justified in making his comment? Should his brother and sister-in-law hold off on a child after the way they treated their dog? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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