Don't Retire in These States for Any Reason

If you're thinking about making a big move in retirement, it's important to consider what characteristics you want in your new home and which ones to avoid at all costs. Here is a list of the top 10 worst states to retire in.

Rhode Island is ranked 48th in the U.S. for states to retire in- that's the fifth worst! This rating can be attributed to Rhode Island's sky-high utility, real estate, and transportation prices.

10. Rhode Island

Connecticut's affordability (or lack thereof) for retirees is a big reason why their ranking is so poor. Another reason it is considered to be one of the worst places to retire is that retirees can expect to pay up to 85% in taxes on their Social Security benefits unless they make less than $75,000 (individual filer) or $100,000 (joint filer).

9. Connecticut

Maryland earned it's low ranking thanks to it's high cost of living and low culture and weather ratings. Not only does Maryland have state income tax, they are also one of seven states to have an estate tax as well.

8. Maryland

Alaska has the second smallest share of retirees. The cold climate is an obvious deterrent, however the state has other issues, such as a high violent crime rate and a cost of living that is higher that the nationwide average.

7. Alaska

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