Top 10 Duck Breeds for Beginners: Homesteading 101

When most people think of homesteading, they think of chickens.  Ducks can be useful on a homestead as well. Many different duck breeds would be perfect for beginners.

Why Are Ducks Good for Homesteading?

Domestic ducks are excellent foragers and can help control pests on your property. They are also straightforward to care for and require much less space than chickens. Ducks also produce high-quality meat and eggs that are rich in nutrients.

Wild Ducks vs. Domestic Duck Eggs

Nearly all domestic duck breeds will lay eggs larger than chickens and wild mallards. The shell will also be far thicker than the other breeds of chickens. The yolk is usually much more orange than the yellow of a chicken egg.

Pekin Ducks

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Khaki Campbell Ducks

Khaki Campbell ducks are a British breed of domestic duck. They were developed in the late 1800s for their eggs and as a meat bird. Khaki Campbells are excellent layers, laying up to 300 eggs per year. They have a brown body.

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