10 Dumb Things People Admit To Spending Money on That You Should Avoid

We all have different priorities when it comes to how we spend our money, but sometimes, we witness others making questionable financial decisions.

In a recent online discussion, people shared some of the dumbest things they have seen others spend their money on. Here are ten of the most memorable stories:


I’ve follow one streamer for 14 months and I’ve seen people come out of nowhere, give them tons of gifted subs and donos, and then they just disappear into the abyss.


Private Fireworks Show

“My neighbors once spent all their money on a private firework show, then had to hide their cars from the repo man for months,” one person shared.


Overdraft Fees

“I dated a guy who would still use his debit card even when his account was over drafted because he didn’t realize he was charged overdraft fees for every transaction.


MLM Network

“Short story: In 2014/2015, I bought some cheap land in East Saint Louis and lived in a van there, just as an experiment/just for fun. I sourced my electricity via a 12 gauge extension cord for $70/mo from a neighbor, a mid-70s lady. This area was poooooor (and still is).


“I remember my ex working his butt off as an uber, maxing his cards and commenting on this weird chat thing just to be the first to get a ridiculously expensive NFT because according to him it was going to make him a millionaire…