37 Household Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Many people want to find ways to save money, but they don’t want those savings to come at the sacrifice of everyday comforts and needs.  However, there are many household hacks that can let you do both.

1. Grow your own sponges to save money

This may sound outrageous, but you shouldn’t waste your money on pricey loofahs or sponges. You can grow your own crop right at home.

2. Keep your savings jar in sight

The more you see and access it, the more likely you are to work on tucking away your loose change. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” oddly rings true in this case. If your savings jar is hidden and completely out of sight, the only thing it’s likely collecting is dust.

3. Repurpose glass jars

Clean the jars really well, and then soak them in hot water to remove the label. Once you have a clean, empty jar, you can use it for whatever you want! You can use the jars to store homemade dressings, sauces or toppings.

4. Use less of your household cleaners and detergents

Although the chemicals found in our household cleaners have been diluted, factory recommendations for their use are still typically much higher than what is needed to provide sufficient cleaning.

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