30 Best Work From Home Jobs [2022]

Work From Home Opportunities

Finding the perfect work-from-home job is tough. 

There are many scams on the internet. 

Thankfully, many legitimate opportunities work for any lifestyle. 

After reading this article, you’ll find a work-from-home (WFH) job that you’re sure to enjoy. 

1. Web Developer

Being a web developer is one of the best WFH jobs out there. Technical skills are a must. If you have them, it can be a promising career. 

You will be responsible for creating and maintaining websites. You may also be required to design pages, fix issues that arise with the site, and answer questions from non-tech people. 

You would be a good fit if you are a problem solver, enjoy remote work, and like technology.

2. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is another option. If you are good with numbers and are detailed-oriented, this is for you. 

As a bookkeeper, you will maintain financial records by recording transactions and preparing balance sheets.

You will also use ledgers to record daily transactions, update balances at specified intervals and reconcile accounts. 

You don’t need a college degree to be a bookkeeper.

3. Event Planner

Are you are creative, have excellent organizational skills, and enjoy planning parties? Event planning could be a remote job for you. 

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As an event planner, you coordinate conferences, weddings, and fundraisers. You will need to be very organized as booking all the necessary vendors takes time and effort. 

4. Website Tester

As a website tester, you test different websites and report on their errors. 

The demand for this will rise due to everyone wanting to rank on the first page of Google. Bloggers, online businesses, and physical businesses want to be in that top spot. 

5. Software Developer

As a software developer, your duties are creating and maintaining software applications, designing user interfaces, and creating documentation or test programs.

Developing software is a great way to have your own business. You can also offer consulting services to those developing their software. 

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6. Customer Service Representative

If you have experience in customer service, this is a no-brainer. 

There are many job openings currently available for customer service representatives (CSR) from various industries. 

7. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you will create graphics for websites or other publications. You may also design logos or branding materials.  

If you have an eye for what is attractive in marketing, this may be a remote job for you. 

8. Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist is responsible for typing information into spreadsheets, CRM, and other programs. You will need excellent attention to detail, organization, and the ability to work independently.

This job does not require sales experience and may be better suited for introverted job seekers. 

9. Medical Transcriptionist

You must have excellent grammar and spelling skills and knowledge of words you would find on medical records for this one. 

Many companies allow employees to work from home.  

Medical transcriptionists review reports, edit transcripts for flow and accuracy and enter patient information into some sort of database.

10. Writer/Editor

Companies would like you to have a degree in English or journalism, yet you don’t always need one. Make sure to have writing samples and a brief portfolio during your job search. 

11. Licensed Insurance Rep

Lots of insurance companies allow their representatives to work virtually. Most insurance agents have excellent customer service, multi-task, and have proficiency working with a customer management system. 

You will need to pass a state exam to become licensed. 

My last job in the corporate world was working as a remote insurance agent. I enjoyed listening to music while working, and having my standing desk was the best. 

Being an insurance rep is similar to a CSR in that you will speak on the phone with customers and handle their requests. Insurance reps will typically make more money since a license is required. 

12. Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists must be well-versed in all aspects of social media. 

Creating engaging content that customers will interact with is the goal. 

There is a huge demand from small businesses clueless about social media. These owners know social media is necessary to grow their business but do not optimize their online presence. 

13. Loan Officer

A loan officer is responsible for assessing a potential borrower's financial situation, determining their eligibility and ability to repay, negotiating the terms of a loan agreement processing the necessary documentation to complete an application. 

Loan officers usually do not need any educational requirements. Companies want previous experience in finance of sales. 

Many lenders hire remote workers in addition to the in-person office. 

14. Teacher/Tutor

Many teaching positions will allow you the freedom and flexibility required to manage your schedule around other responsibilities.

If you like kids, can communicate well, and want to make a difference, being a teacher is right up your alley. 

A paralegal works under an attorney to help prepare documents, written reports, and cases for court. 

Gathering information, organizing evidence, and other tasks that would usually require an attorney’s eye are done by a paralegal a lot of time. 

Paralegals generally work alongside partners and associates in larger firms to gain valuable experience while working toward their law degrees.

Even if you don’t want to pursue your JD, you can still work as a legal assistant. 

You can do this job a lot of time working remotely as many firms are paperless. 

16. Interpreter/Translator

Interpreters and translators play an essential role in the business and social world by helping different people communicate. 

Being a translator is rewarding for those who are fluent in two languages and want to help others communicate.

Yo hablo español. 

17. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) provides admin support to clients. Expect to manage client calendars, post on social media, send emails and the ilk. 

Virtual assistants typically work with small businesses owners and entrepreneurs, but many professionals also hire VAs for personal assistance. 

You choose your own hours and work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 

18. Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist provides technical assistance to individuals and businesses with problems with their computers or networks. 

You’ll have the responsibility to diagnose the issue, resolve the problem, and provide training on using particular software/hardware.

You may need some patience for this as not everyone is tech-savvy. 

19. Affiliate Marketer

Do you ever wonder why content creators seem to be promoting a random product encouraging you to use their code at checkout? They are an affiliate for that product and receive a commission for each sale. 

Affiliate marketers typically start by creating their own content about a specific topic before promoting any product. 

Many bloggers and content creators use affiliate marketing as a flexible job that allows them to earn a commission and not deal with customers or inventory. 

20. Animator

An animator is responsible for creating animations with digital media products. 

Adobe After Effects, among other programs, are used to bring animation to life. 

Animators typically work closely with others in the film/TV industry, including writers, directors, and producers

21. Blogger

Bloggers are their own boss and are among the few work-from-home opportunities where the sky is the income limit. 

There are many different genres of writing: personal finance, real estate, travel, freelance work, and lifestyle are all options. 

Find a topic that interests you and has many different areas you can write on.

Bloggers who stay together find the most success. 

Being a part of a mastermind group has helped me succeed in blogging. 

Lone wolves do not survive. 

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22. Copywriting

If you have a knack for writing compelling stories, copywriting may be your thing. You don’t need any formal schooling. 

You need a strong command of the English language and use it to persuade. 

A great book to help you understand human psychology more deeply is Influence by Robert Cialdini. Cialdini discusses how we tick as humans and how you can use that to your advantage. 

23. E-Commerce Store Owner

If keeping up with trends and knowing what people want before they do is your expertise, you may excel in e-commerce. 

Duties include choosing the products to sell, designing the store, and driving traffic to the site. 

24. Product Reviewer

Product reviewers provide their honest and unbiased opinion of a specific product or service. 

I have reviewed certain things as a secret shopper in a previous chapter of my life. I found it to be fun to offer my opinion unfiltered. That is a rare commodity these days. 

25. Programmer

A programmer is responsible for developing, testing, retesting, and maintaining different software programs.

Like almost everything in the tech sector, this is a work-from-home job. 

26. Survey Taker

27. Tax Preparer

Did you know you do not have to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to prepare taxes? 

The tax code is complicated and having someone to ask questions is valuable. 

Many tax preparers only have a certificate or two-year degree. 

If you enjoy puzzles, this might be a promising career for you. 

28. Telephone Nurse

Are you a registered nurse who wants to work from home? 

A phone RN provides advice, assessments, and health education to patients over the phone. 

Calling the advice nurse is cheaper than going to the emergency room. 

29. Travel Agent

A travel agent plans, books, and arranges all types of vacations.

A good fit for a travel agent is someone who knows about vacationing spots and has a knack for sales. 

People use a travel agent because they trust the agent has a greater knowledge of the ins and outs of traveling. Especially when someone has not traveled abroad before, it’s helpful to have an expert. 

30. Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiters are responsible for finding and interviewing applicants to fill job vacancies. Recruiters have to be master salespeople as they usually speak to someone who has a job and has no plans to leave. 

Now that is a complex sale. 


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