Top 10 Simple Life Hacks That You'll Regret Not Knowing

There are so many life hacks out there that it can be hard to keep track of them all. But some of them are so useful and simple that you'll regret not knowing them!

1. Remove Highlighter Stains

If you've got books lying around that have highlighter stains you want to get rid of, we've got a hack for you. Lemon juice will fade highlighter until it is almost unnoticeable. Put lemon juice on a q-tip and rub it over the highlighter marks.

2. Prevent Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging

If you hate when your bathroom mirror fogs up after a shower, this hack is for you. Use car wax, gently apply it to the mirror, and then buff it with a soft towel.

3. Easily Remove Stickers From Furniture

Children love to plaster stickers all over their furniture. But at some point, they grow up and may want to repurpose that furniture without the stickers. Use a hair dryer to soften the adhesive, and then use a putty knife to gently scrape off the sticker.

4. Remove Wrinkles From Your Laundry

Throw a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth into the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. As the ice melts, the water will turn to steam and remove all wrinkles. This hack works better on lighter fabrics than heavier clothes.

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