10 Really Hard Things To Explain to Women, According to Men

The men of Reddit compiled a list of the hardest things to explain to women.

“It's Ok to Just Tell Me Where You Want To Eat.”

“I always tell her you pick because if I try and pick there is always a no to most of what I suggest. Last time I laid out 6 of my favorites and she said, “that’s just a list of places.”


“‘Nothing' Means ‘Nothing'”

“When you ask me how my day was or what I did today, nothing in my day usually stands out as special, so I just don't remember. I usually don't remember what I do, I just live,” one guy said.


“I'm Seriously Not Checking You Out Every Time You Walk By”

“This makes me so self-conscious in the gym. Everytime someone walks past I look, especially in the mirrors and I always catch the eye of a girl probably thinking I'm checking her out.


“When We Say We Need Time or Space, That’s Exactly What We Need”

“Had an ex who would keep pushing me to talk when I got angry about something. I just wanted some time to cool off before having a discussion about it. One of the reasons she's an ex.


“When we say we don't care we really don't care. Yes we can have an opinion on something, but when we say we don't care that means our opinion isn't strong enough to sway us either way on something,” one man said.


“When We Say We Don't Care We Really Don't Care”