The Most Terrible 10 Things Women Can Do, According to Men

Women wear makeup, and sexy clothes, get fake lashes, etc. Women do all they can to try to make themselves look more attractive.

But attraction is in the eye of the beholder, right? So here's a list of what men say is the least attractive things a woman can do.


One man explains the story of dating a woman he had just recently met. But, unfortunately, he caught her in an elaborate lie that was not even necessary to tell in the first place.


Talk Behind Their Own Friends Back

When someone talks negatively about someone else behind their back, one has to wonder what is being said about them. One user explains, “I dated this girl for almost a year. Every time her best friend would come around.


Being Rude To Wait Staff

One man said, “I see it as a sign of weakness as well. Those are the type of people that would shoot fish in a barrel and think they're a Marine sniper.”



“Saying things like, You're not allowed to talk to other girls on social media. Okay, so why are you talking to other guys on social media yourself?”


Support System

One man jokes, “I have never heard a man proclaim, I would date that woman if only her nails were longer!” Another man says, “All fake fingernails usually make me gag. I don't mind nail polish, but those gel nails are a trashy immediate turn-off.”


Fake Nails