What You Need to Know About Closing Costs – Home Buying Course Session 12

Welcome to the LAST session of the home buying course. We’ve done everything (nearly). Now we are going to find out about closing costs.

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What Are Closing Costs?


They are costs associated with closing and finishing your mortgage.


-Origination Fees

-Title Fees

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-Escrow and Attorney Fees

-Appraisal Fees

-Property Taxes

-Inspection Fees

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-Homeowner’s Insurance

-Mortgage/Recording Taxes



Yes, There Are a Lot?


You did want to buy a house, right? There are quite a few T’s to be crossed and I’s to be dotted. Make sure your lender has been upfront and factual with all the costs associated with the loan. Make sure to read ALL the fine print and understand all these costs before you sign the final documents.  



You’ve Completed the Home Buying Course. Congrats!!!!


I am super excited that you have completed this course! I’ve had a lot of fun creating the videos and delivering the content to you. Although I am somber about this being the end. This is by NO MEAN farewell. I am still here to support you on your journey.


Any questions about any of the sessions, real estate or personal finance in general I’m happy to help you! There is so much to know and I have been blessed to have an education, real-world experience and a job that allows me to learn more and help others just like you!



What are you most curious about with personal finance? What other topics would you like to learn about? What are you struggling with most in your finances?


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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

Get access to my FREE guide now.