Prophetic Pages: 10 Books That Remarkably Predicted Future Events

Libraries are full of literature, but certain books grab the readers' attention through their uniqueness. Let's take a look at ten excellent books that have been shared. These books contain astonishing prophecies that were proven right later. 

1. It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis

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Sinclair Lewis wrote It Can't Happen Here, published in 1935. The genre of the book is exploratory. This book is written in an era when murderous people were ruling in Europe, like Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy. This book follows the story of a politician who then rises to power and becomes a dictator. The people relate the book's narrative to Adolf Hitler and quote the book's reference when talking about the delicacy and importance of democracy.

2. Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy

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The genre of the book is the future of technology. The story follows a script showing a clash between the United States and Japan. Debt of Honor was written by the famous writer Tom Clancy and he got it published in 1994. This novel is about a pilot who takes revenge for his parent's death by colliding his airplane into a building in the U.S. The association of this story is evident with the 9/11 event. This novel explains the role of the military and the army at the Global level.

3. Earth by David Brin

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The book Earth is written on the concept of science Fiction. This book explains the possible advantages of science and technology and the worst side effects of technology and environmental concerns. The author of this book is David Brin, and the year of Publication is 1990. This book explores ecological problems and the use of sophisticated technology to deal with them.

4. White Noise by Don Delillo

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Don DeLillo is the writer of this book. He is an American author and published this book in 1985. The book is in the postmodern fiction genre. This book elaborates on the fear of death and other social issues facing Americans. This fiction book probes consumers' overwhelming usage of social media and its effects on their lives. This book received a national award in 1985. Many also reprehend this book because of its frame of mind and the wired topic.

5. Stand on Zanzibar by John Burnner

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Stand on Zanzibar received an award in 1969. This book addresses the social and political issues and shows the result of overbuilding in the world and the effect of high techs. John Brunner was the author of this book in 1968. This science fiction book predicts population congestion, urbanization, and overloaded information, resulting in a frenzy future. 

6. Futility by Morgan Robertson

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The book was published in 1898. The book's story concerns the sinking of a ship named the Titan. Fourteen years later, the famous ship Titanic sank. The sinking of the Titanic was a historic tragedy. This tragedy happened due to the insufficient life-saving boats and safety measures, and people believe this event was predicted in the book. 

7. The World Set Free by H.G. Wells

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The World Set Fire is a book known for its fiction story in which the writer talks about the production of a new kind of bomb that creates massive destruction at a time when no one can even imagine the existence of nuclear bombs and weapons. The writer of this book is H.G. Wells. He got this fiction published in 1914. The book contains information regarding nuclear weapons. This book predicted that atomic weapons would be developed on the same concept.

8. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley 

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Aldous Huxley published this book in 1932. This captivating fiction book portrays a dystopian society in which individuals are subjected to strict technological control, and their emotions are manipulated through the use of drugs.

9. A Space Odyssey by Odyssey

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A Space Odyssey is a book about science fiction written by Mr Arthur Clarke and published in 1968. This insightful book delves into the exciting world of space exploration and explores the fascinating intersection between humans and artificial intelligence.

10. Ralph 124C 41+ by Hugo Gernsback

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Hugo Gernsback wrote this science fiction. It was published in 1911. The book is a fascinating compilation of predictions about various futuristic technologies. From advanced robotics to cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the book offers a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Television and video calling were the most significant of those.

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