10 One-Season TV Shows That Were Perfect As They Were

Many people who decide to watch a TV show or movie series quit because of lengthy episodes or plenty of seasons. Moreover, apart from being time-consuming, the audience has to wait for at least 1-2 years for the next season to be released. Following are ten one-season TV shows that are perfect as they are:

1. High Fidelity (2020)

Photo Credit: Hulu.

It is the adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel. The plot depicts the life of Rob, a music store owner who has always been unlucky in his relationships. As he tries to uncover why his past relationships have failed, he finds himself reconciling with his long-ago ex-girlfriend. Despite being a Rom-com genre show, it addresses the significance of looking at past mistakes & what can be done to make up for them.

2. The Get Down (2016) 

Photo Credit: Netflix.

The Get Down follows some 1977 high school teenagers who were appealed to by the emerging hip-hop music in the Bronx. Ultimately, two of those friends aspire to become successful singers but fear the journey. In order to fulfill their passion, they must stay firm & self-confident by facing their faces. The show includes energetic dance and music performances with vibrant visuals. Viewers can watch the show on Netflix.

3. Maniac (2018)

Image Credit: Netflix.

It unveils the journey of two volunteers in a pharmacological trial struggling with their thoughts and frequently entering each other's minds. Without evaluating the consequences, both agree to an experimental trial, promising to solve all their problems. It portrays human nature that craves sympathy, compassion & attention no matter how much we hold our traumas & insecurities back into us.

4. Euphoria (2019)

Photo Credit: HBO.

Excess or lack of anything is never suitable for an Individual. It delves into the lives of high school students who have newly discovered the life of drugs, love, social media, addictions & depression. Navigating through this dopamine-full life, they find themselves trapped in a loophole. It sheds light on societal issues like mental health, intimacy, and glittery addictions. The show is available to stream only on HBO.

5. Our Planet (2019)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

In this nature documentary, the TV show highlights understanding the importance of Climate Change. It emphasizes how its adverse effects aren't just limited to nature but also posed upon us either through direct or indirect means. Naturalists should watch this stunning visuals & engaging storytelling show that indicates the necessary measures to be taken now, or it'll never be enough to compensate for the delay.

6. Squid Game (2021)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Squid Game is a show based on simple children's games but with complex, horrifying & deadly consequences. The majority of the contestants are trapped in debt or in desperate need of money. So, they are cleverly enrolled in a series of games with competition rising for heavy prize money. As the contestants navigate for their survival, they are exposed to moral dilemmas like betrayal, jealousy, and back-biting.

7. All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

When a high school lab chemist bothers with DNA, an infectious spread that outbreaks a zombie apocalypse. As the infection continues to expand, chaos ensues, and the whole city is now under the attack of the undead. In order to survive, all high school students should stay careful & unified. This show is a wholesome adventure due to its versatile themes like horror, action, suspense & romantic drama. 

8. Bodyguard (2018)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

The show consists of a single season, yet it is worth every episode watched. David Budd, who is an experienced ex-war soldier, is tasked to safeguard a political figure in London. While he ensures her safety, he is unraveled by personal secrets, national threats, and political intrigue. The unexpected plot twists & suspenseful action is mesmerizingly engaging. Fans can enjoy the show on Netflix.

9. The English Game (2020)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Football is one of the most widely played sports in the world, with unparalleled craze and hype. In this period-based TV show, two football clubs face rivalry & compete against each other with unequal resources and experience. Moreover, it highlights the expansion of soccer in England & how it rose to become the top playing sport worldwide. It transcends themes like adrenaline rush, teamwork, and ambition results.

10. Wednesday (2022)

Photo Credit: Netflix.

Everybody has a limited patience level & when tested, it is destined to outbreak one day. The show follows a story similar to Wednesday Addams, a girl of defiant nature with psychic abilities. After her brother's bullying, she retaliates by releasing piranhas in the school pool, leading to her expulsion and her transfer to Nevermore Academy. Her cold, emotionless, narcissistic rage & smirk are the reasons behind the hype of the show.

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