10 Items Where the High Price Tag Has Been Normalized

People get ready to pay money for the items that are worth the price. But they can not make up their mind to spend money on expensive items that can be way cheaper. Here are such items people share on an online platform.

1. Candles

Woman smelling candle
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One commentator stated that he could not comprehend why the candles were so much expensive. They are made up of basic wax and thread. And the fancy candles are added with glitter and fragrance. People create their hacks to create candles at home because they can not afford it. 

2. Academic Textbooks

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Academic books are also included in the list of items that should be cheaper. A recent survey of 2021-20122 shows that students spend approximately $340 per year on textbooks only. These textbooks can be cheaper if the manufacturer and the supplier reduce their profit margin because such high textbook prices burden students.

3. Wrist Watches

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Wristwatches are considered a compulsory accessory to wear. For students and workers, it is a part of their daily routine. But the high prices of wristwatches are mind-baffling. One commentator stated there is no reason to sell this basic life product for $150 to $300. The branded watches are up to $75000. These prices can be lowered with proper checks and balances. 

4. Wedding Dresses

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The wedding is the big day in the bride and groom's life. They want to look perfect and most beautiful of all. Thus they tried their best to choose the perfect wedding dress for this day. But the dresses are so much expensive. It ranges between $1800 to $2500. Some people prefer customized dresses, and it costs up to $10,000. It is not affordable for everyone. And these prices can be lowered because they are more than the product value.

5. Jewelry

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An item that will always remain in demand is jewelry. There are a lot of occasions throughout the year on which men and women both buy artificial jewelry. The price of this artificial jewelry is as high as gold jewelry. One participant shared that gold jewelry and artificial jewelry must have a price difference because no expensive or precious material is used in artificial jewelry.

6. Beauty Products

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Beauty products are the best way to make the customers' pockets empty. There are thousands of products that fall on the list of beauty products. And all of them are sold at high prices. One commentator stated that it seems that the company charges the price of packaging, transporting, and storing charges from the customer in addition to the product's actual price. He added they must increase the quantity or decrease the price.

7. Sofa Sets

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One girl shared that she finds sofa sets more expensive than they should be. There is no reason to sell the basic stuff at high prices. The things that are used in the manufacturing of sofas are wood, cloth, and foam. Charging a large amount for these things is out of reason. She appealed to reduce these prices because many people can not afford such basic things.

8. 5-Star Hotel Dishes

Friends eating at restaurant
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A large group of people mentioned the high prices of five-star hotel dishes. They argue that they earn money from their name, reputation, and being a five-star. The portion of food they offer is not sufficient for one person. And the diner returns with appetite even after paying a large amount of bill. This group claims that they should decrease their prices.

9. Gym Membership

Woman working out at gym with personal trainer
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Health is the first priority. There are a lot of people that are health conscious. They want to join the gym to remain healthy. But the membership of a gym is too much expensive, and many people draw back from joining the gym. It includes a registration fee, admission fee, and monthly fee. People can not find a reason to pay such a large amount for a gym membership. And they argue this fee can be less. 

10. Healthcare

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Health care is the most crucial and basic need of people. And accessing good health care is a basic need of life. But the doctor's fee, the medical test fee, and the surgical operation charges are enough to bewilder anyone. These facilities should be provided at low prices. The government should take part in this to control the prices.

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