10 Famous Landmarks That Were a Letdown to Some Travelers Once They Got There

These locations were a huge disappointment to some people.

1. The Louvre's Mona Lisa: A Crowd-Packed Disappointment?

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Although the Louvre is a fantastic museum, one visitor claims putting up with the crowds to see the Mona Lisa is not worthwhile. Despite her infamous size, the Mona Lisa is actually quite little, and scores of people are frequently gathered around it in an attempt to take a picture. The “no flash photography” sign is frequently disregarded, which causes glare from the glass, making it challenging to enjoy the painting fully. Furthermore, there is a rumor that the Mona Lisa that is on exhibit is only a convincing copy and that the original is stored in a basement.

2. Mount Rushmore: Is It Worth the Pass Fee

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Someone shared a saving tip: Mount Rushmore can be seen just fine from the road, and there is no need to pay to see it. Although the park does allow visitors to get a closer look at the monument, some visitors may decide that it is not worth the price of admission, especially if they are strapped for time or money. Even for those who decide against paying for park access, the road leading up to the monument provides breathtaking views of the surrounding Black Hills, making it a worthwhile visit.

3. Liberty Bell: Skip the Wait, Enjoy Philadelphia Instead

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Seeing the Liberty Bell up close would not be worth the time or effort. Historically representing American independence, the bell is visible from the sidewalk and inside. Visitors should also be advised that there can be a long wait before they can see the bell, making it a less-than-ideal alternative for those who lack patience or time. Fortunately, there are lots of things to do in Philadelphia besides just gazing at the bell, like going to Independence Hall and eating a renowned Philly cheesesteak.

4. Cairo: A Travel Warning – Unpleasant and Unsafe

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Due to its unpleasant and unsafe conditions, Cairo is not worth visiting. The commenter says that Cairo is one of the filthiest, rudest, and smelliest places they have ever visited, and even the locals appear to be unhappy living there. The user describes a sense of hostility towards tourists, with people trying to steal from them and every street crossing feeling like a death trap. They also note pervasive problems with social issues like child labor, animal abuse, and a general lack of sanitation and clean drinking water. Given these concerns, the user advises travelers to think twice before visiting Cairo.

5. Dubai: A Twisted Reflection of Modern Civilization

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A tourist claims that Dubai may not be worth seeing since it is a warped satire of everything wrong with modern civilization. They argue that anyone who goes there only to take Instagram images is wrong. Dubai embodies the negative aspects of the modern world. They think it's a place where rich lifestyles and wastefulness are based on taking advantage of workers and nature. They think people who go to Dubai support a problematic and unsustainable system. However, it's important to mention that some people may have different opinions and see reasons to visit Dubai that they find valuable.

6. Niagara Falls: Why the Canadian Side Reigns Supreme

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Even though Niagara Falls is a beautiful site to behold, a voyager claimed that a trip might not be beneficial if you only remain on the American side. They suggest switching to the Canadian side since they believe it to be significantly superior and to have more tourist attractions. Despite the beauty of the falls from both sides, the Canadian side provides a more immersive experience because of a range of sights and activities like boat trips, zip lines, and gorgeous hiking trails.

7. Myrtle Beach: Is It Truly a Hidden Gem or Overrated

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Many people are talking about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a beautiful place with sandy beaches and clear skies. However, one person stands out by saying it's like the armpit of the state, showing their dislike for it. This lively discussion questions whether Myrtle Beach's beauty can outweigh its perceived flaws. But we shouldn't forget that different people have different tastes. What one person finds unattractive, another might find wonderful. Even though Myrtle Beach has a bad reputation, it can still captivate those who appreciate its unique charms.

8. Venice: Peak Season Pitfalls To Avoid

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Another person asserts that traveling to Venice during the peak travel season might not be profitable due to the mass population. There are many opportunities to interact with other passengers, and the city is so crowded that getting around is difficult. They mention that similar issues can occur during peak season in well-known locations like theme parks, Yosemite, Zion, and Yellowstone. Visiting these places at other times of the year may be worthwhile, but caution should be exercised to avoid crowds.

9. Nelson Mandela's House: To Visit or Not to Visit

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Somebody in Soweto, South Africa, suggests staying away from Nelson Mandela's house. Although the individual doesn't explain their viewpoint, they may believe the house isn't as relevant or intriguing as other Mandela-related locations nearby. On the other hand, the commenter thinks the residence is overly touristy or poorly maintained.

10. Mall of America: More Than Just a Shopping Center

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Despite its prominence as a prominent tourist destination, a tourist doesn't advise visiting the Mall of America. According to the user, the mall is nothing more than a massive shopping center with many of the same retailers as a smaller mall and even duplications of the same establishments. While the mall may provide a one-of-a-kind experience owing to its vastness, the user thinks it may not be worth the journey for people searching for more than simply shopping.

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