Relationship Buzzkills: 10 Things Men Can’t Stand Hearing from Women

Some phrases are overused. Some are just plain annoying. The men of Reddit have come together to share what phrases they hate hearing from women the most.

1. “Well, X's Husband Does It, Why Can't You?

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“The thing that really irks me about this one is she'll cherry pick one good thing some guy does and ignore his weaknesses,” one user said. Another agreed, “Jesus this exactly. You only get to see most people good sides and people throw them up on pedestals for that one good thing they do.”

2. “‘I'm Not Hungry' or ‘You Pick…But Not There or There'”

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“Funny, my wife thinks I'm the one that can't decide, but I'll list off places in order of preference and she'll just keep saying no until I guess what she wants. I can find something to eat just about anywhere and if we're cooking, I'll eat anything. Bowl of plain rice, a cheese sandwich, PB&J, PB&J on a frozen hot dog bun because we finished the bread whatever,” one user said. Another agreed, “This is what I tell my gf. But then she insists that I have to pick this time because I never pick. When I pick she doesn't want what I suggest. So she picks and then tries to make me pick next time…”

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3. “They Couldn't Handle Me”

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“Relationships are about building each other up, not constantly having to deal with the other person’s attitude or poor behavior/mental health. This is not as much of a flex as a lot of people think it is and raises major red flags for me,” one user said. Another added, “‘He couldn’t handle me.' Correction. He grew tired of having to handle you. Being difficult doesn't equal being interesting.”

4. “No, You Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want”

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“My mom does this, but I take it at face value. If you tell me I can, I will. I don’t have time to waste on those types of games,” one user said. Another added, “Good old fashioned emotional manipulation.”

5. “Do You Like My Friend?”

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“Had an ex who got preemptively mad at me when one of her friends was gonna stay with us for a few weeks because she just “knew” that I was gonna cheat with her friend. Okay first, why are you friends with somebody who would sleep with your boyfriend? Second, I had done nothing to damage the trust in our relationship so I was annoyed that her trusting me wasn’t just the default. Third, I discovered later on that she was cheating on me. Projection is real. It’s always the jealous ones that are doing what they’re worried you’ll do,” one user shared.

Another user had a similar story. “That reminds me. I once dated a girl who got so mad after she went through my phone. She had found a short text exchange between me and another woman just saying happy new years. No further communication, not even a ‘how are you, let’s catch up soon’. My ex really flipped out. Later I found out she was cheating. She was seeing the other guy while this happened. So I guess projection really does happen?”

6. “Do I Look Fat? Be Honest.”

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One user admitted, “I fell into that trap with my wife. I'm still paying for it, half a decade later.” Another added, “I just reply honestly. Like I think it's fine, or the cut of the dress makes you look larger, the other one is more flattering. I hate being asked for scripted opinions.”

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7. “I Just Hate Drama”

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“What they hate is the consequences of drama. The drama itself they love,” one guy said. Another quipped, “They hate drama and all their friends are guys. GL.”

8. “Are You Even Listening to Me?”

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“I feel ya. My wife always brings up how there's two things she can't stand about me. One, I never seem to listen and then something else. Idk,” one guy joked. Another added, “I hate it when they say this 0.1 milliseconds after their done talking, like we’re you expecting me to interrupt you or smth?”

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9. “Man Up”

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One guy said, “I once had a female friend write a long spiel on FB about how guys don't approach her and how guys need to “man up” and approach women (when in reality, she's probably seeking validation about her looks). Someone suggested that she approach guys instead and she responded how she would NEVER do that, as she's too afraid of rejection and getting her feelings hurt. How can people really be this clueless…”

Another said, “I always kinda viewed it as attempted reverse psychology preying on your inner doubt, and trying to use that for manipulation. They aren't trying to create a false scenario which never existed, and it works for many men who think they are proving a point without realizing that was the trick. Also those trying to pretend they are manly for x reason.”

10. “How Are You Still Single, You’re a Great Guy”

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“Hear it a bunch from some women friends of mine. I always just brush it off but kinda stings a bit more each time,” one guy admitted. Another agreed, “As an awesome guy who deserves happiness, I'd prefer women to not say anything at all. It feels patronizing even when it isn't meant to be.”

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