“Barbie Was Right” 10 ‘Girly’ Habits Men Should Pick Up As Well

There are plenty of things, like skincare and moisturizing, that women already do. But why can't men do them too? The Reddit community shared some things they believe men should start doing that women already do.

1. Skincare

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“skincare is just something everyone needs to do. Not even just for looking younger, I'm 16 and i def need to do skincare more because my skin has little bumps and some whiteheads and I worry if that means I'm gonna get pimples soon (which I've never had) also besides like bumpy skin and whiteheads it's just good to keep your skin healthy. that's why it's called skin CARE,” one person said.

2. Using Hand Lotion

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“My dad refused to use hand lotion for a while and he kept getting big cracks in his knuckles. The cold would destroy his skin. He would only put lotion on when it was basically bleeding, by which point it can’t really do much help,” someone shared. “My dad has horrible eczema on his forehead and REFUSES to out anything on it. Even prescriptions. Will go to the doctor every few months for it and wonder why it's not gone. Then get mad that “they don't do anything for him” when he literally throws out the prescriptions because ‘face stuff is for women',” someone else added.

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3. Sewing

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“Sewing. Sewing is awesome. I learned basic sewing to make some bow ties for my wedding and it's an extremely rewarding skill that allows you to repair clothes, save money, and it's superb meditation,” one user said. “Not only repairing clothes, but basic tailoring. I learned how to do it on YouTube and it’s a game changer as a guy with broad shoulders that make every shirt fit like a trash bag,” another added.

4. Complimenting Each Other

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“A guard at my work was wearing a special vest last weekend and I told him he looked really nice and the other guard was like “yeah Peter you look really nice today!” The smile on that dudes face will bring me joy forever,” one user shared. “This is something that I’ve noticed has completely and positively changed among the younger men where I live (Tasmania). Whereas my Gen x husband and his friends seem awkward when complimenting each other verbally, my 21 and 16 year old sons and their friends hug each other, say nice things to each other, compliment each other and if they’re upset they sometimes even cry in front of each other. They’re honestly the equivalent of a late 1980’s girl sitcom friend group, and it’s all genuine,” another shared.

5. Conditioning Hair

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“Now that I'm growing my hair out a little longer, didn't know how much I was missing out on not using hair conditioner,” one user said. “I've been using the 3 in 1 stuff for years. I just thought my hair was feeling a little crusty the last month or so, but it's probably been an issue for years that I just didn't notice til my hair started thinning pretty bad. I bought a bottle of conditioner four days ago and the difference is unimaginable. Just did it on a whim. Never turning back,” another chimed in.

6. Wear Stretchy Jeans

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“I was trying on jeans for work the other day and I found this magical material that stretches but looks like denim. I was gushing over them and my wife laughed and said a lot of women’s jeans use that material and a lot of hers are the same. Men should discover these jeans!” said one user. “Look into clothes made for rock climbing. Amazing. I have some jeans from a company called 3rd rock that look super smart and are so stretchy and flexible,” another user suggested.

7. Yoga and Pilates

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“My 26-year-old cousin got her mom and dad into yoga with her and amazingly the dad is now probably more into yoga than the entire rest of the family. He's been a car mechanic his entire life and absolutely loves it. He said it has worked out some pains he's been dealing with for decades,” one user shared. “It's one of those things that's very common amongst the very masculine world of sports but somehow doesn't translate to the rest of menkind, I mean every testosterone filled dude out there likes to think they are a weightlifter of some sort, but top tier lifters absolutely do things like yoga to keep themselves functioning,” another added.

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8. Self Care

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“Treating yourself. Self care. If that means fishing for a weekend. Go Self care doesn’t always look the same,” one person suggested. “Dude, I have a principle in my life. My Sundays are always lazy Sundays. I wake up, go make pancakes and coffee and watch a TV show. Then I go wood chopping or whatever. I'm proud of my lazy Sundays,” another said.

9. Going to the Doctor

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“My physician told me that married men live like five years longer than unmarried men (or something like that) because of their wives forcing them to be seen,” one user said. “When my dad was in chemo we'd regularly check with his doc to make sure they weren't believing a word he said about being fine and to tell them about the issues we were able to coerce out of him. Saved his life and his leg multiple times,” another said.

10. Cry

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“I work in a kitchen full of men and it's quite sad to listen to them tell eachother that they can't cry. Or that they are not supposed to do so. I don't know who came up with this but I fight that “concept” every chance I get. As a result, most of them feel safe to share their emotions with me. Even crying,” one user said. “I turned 30 and can adopt all the things mentioned in this post without caring what people think about me but this is the one I can't do. It's just ingrianed in our heads that men shouldn't cry or have any emotions at all (but anger, the worst emotion, is ok for some reason),” another said.

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