Does “Male-Privilege” Exist? Here Are 10 Reasons Perhaps Not

The men and women of Reddit share what they believe are the worst things about being a man.

1. Societal Pressures

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“The constant pressure in society that the man has to pay for meals, drinks, etc. I feel like it all would add up really quickly,” one user said. A man chimed in with a different perspective. “I actually enjoy paying for a girl, and as long as the girl doesn’t feel entitled to my money and is thankful for me paying, I am always excited to be the one to pay.”

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2. Being Shamed for Showing Emotion

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“Feeling uncomfortable or shamed for showing your emotions. It's a sad truth, but since the dawn of time, men have been encouraged to live up to the expectations of having to be tough or being a rock for the family. As a woman, I think we feel more comfortable crying and expressing our sadness. Men get sad too, and it's about time they feel free to express it as easily as women do,” one woman said.

A man shared his own experience with this. “This. Had a girlfriend of 6 months that wanted me to emotionally open up and kept picking at me about it. When I finally let the walls down, I cried ONCE. Just a few sniffles and a tear and she left me soon after because she didn't see me as a man after that.

Another time when I worked in a school system, I worked with a janitor that had army ptsd. His brother in arms died one day (in a different state) and he cried. The principal knew she couldn't force him to go home and could call the police, so she took his keys and locked him out of all the offices and classrooms, as if he was unstable and was gonna snap and kill someone just because he was grieving a dead friend… this kind of treatment is fairly normal for a guy who cries in public. It's really messed up.”

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3. Having to Step up in Physically Threatening Situations

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“Having to be the person physically in charge in a threatening situation. Like always being with a man when walking home from a party in a sketchy area at night. Yes there is safety in numbers but the dude is expected to be protective regardless of level of awareness, self defensive, or drunken-ness. That’s a lot of pressure,” one woman said.

Another woman shared her personal experience. “I’m a psych nurse. We always call the big male nurses in when we need to deal with a threatening/aggressive patient. I’m really grateful for you all but also acknowledge the unfair situation it puts you all in :/.”

4. Being Judged for Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

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“I was a stay-at-home dad until my daughter went to kindergarten. This hit me deep in the soul. I’ve been accused of being a child predator while reading a book on a park bench while my daughter plays, have had the cops called on me when my daughter and I were just walking down the street 2 blocks from my own home, and have been generally looked down on even by family members while I was a stay-at-home parent. The “giving mom a day off” line is just emotionally crushing sometimes when it’s said,” one man shared.

5. Getting Arrested for Self-Defense Against Domestic Violence

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“When I was in high school, my dad got remarried to a woman with a ton of emotional baggage. She was verbally abusive, and would start fights with anyone who would take the bait. They got in an argument one night, and she started to shove him. He put his hands in his jacket pocket so that there could be no confusion of him hitting her. When he refused to engage, she told him she would kill his kids in their sleep. He called the cops. They came, listened to the story, and my dad WENT TO JAIL. She was alone in the house with all of my siblings (I was out of town that night). My dad is a big teddy bear, I've never seen him in trouble with the law until that night. I got him out of jail the next day, and then worked with him to send my younger siblings to live with my mom in Utah, and I got an apartment with my next youngest brother. He had a criminal record for having his and his children's lives threatened. That was really messed up,” one man shared.

6. Being Expected To Do the ‘Gross' Stuff

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“Honestly, probably people just assuming that you’ll do all of the gross stuff that no one else wants to do. Fixing up the car? Unclogging the toilet? Cleaning out the spider webs in the attic? Scrubbing the mildew out of the bathtub? Guys are just expected to do it all without complaint because that’s the “manly” thing to do. As a woman, I find it pretty unfair,” one woman said.

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7. Always Being the Villain

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“Hands down always being the villain. A colleague of mine was a bit on the heavier side, but decided to get into shape and started jogging. So he jogs around his block daily until his smart watch tells him his quota for the day is full. that day he was a bit late but went for a jog when the sun was setting. not many people out there, but as he was on his way, some girls saw him jogging their way, got scared and called the cops on him for obviously trying to chase them to rape them or something. Now, the guy didn't know about the call, he just sees two girls seeing him coming, turning around and running away and he's like ‘what the heck?' Until the cops come for him. You know, for the biggest offence in the whole human history: trying to get fit. i felt really bad for him,” one man shared.

8. Being Called Creepy if They Aren't Insanely Attractive

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“My sister summed this up perfectly when I asked her if its creepy for a guy to hit on her at the gym ‘Depends on how hot he is',” one guy shared. Another added, “My go-to example is Edward from Twilight. There's a scene where Bella walks into a classroom and he freaks out about her. Any normal guy would get permanently shunned but since he's oh so handsome, nobody minds.”

9. Being Short

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“Having everyone discredit and treat you poorly if you’re not over 5’10″. Like you’re a 5’5” guy and every girl turns you down cause of your height. I know not every girl is heightist but if every single short guy can tell you a couple stories of being turned down cause of their height then I mean come on…” one guy said.

10. Women Can Treat Men Terribly With Little to No Consequence

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I actually dated a chick who was casually physically abusive, it got to the point that I would flinch when she moved her hands too close to me. She made comments about how she doesn't understand why I flinch like her last boyfriend did. Left that real quick,” one guy shared. Another person shared, “This. My mom beat up her then boyfriend. She hurt herself hitting him, and he called the police. He got arrested.”

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