Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Alleges Surveillance Against Her

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, raised concerns on Sunday about potential surveillance through her television after it inexplicably turned on without her prompting.

Smart Devices Are Spying On You?

In a tweet, the GOP lawmaker recounted the incident, stating, “Last night in my DC residence, the television turned on by itself and the screen showed someone's laptop trying to connect to the TV.”

Greene further expressed her contentment, emphasizing her good health, disciplined lifestyle, and lack of reliance on medication or vaccination. Asserting that she harbors no worries regarding blood clots, heart conditions, strokes, or any other health issues, she declared her unwavering commitment to her country and its citizens. She criticized the pervasive corruption within the government and vowed not to remain silent or complicit.

To support her claims, Greene shared a link to a CBS News article titled “Your Smart TV May Be Spying on You, FBI Warns.”

Covert Surveillance

The incident sparked concerns over potential privacy breaches and surveillance methods, prompting Greene to share the article as evidence. Her experiences have fueled ongoing debates about the extent of surveillance through everyday devices and the need for increased digital security.

In her tweet, Greene referenced a CBS News article warning issued by the FBI in late 2019 regarding smart televisions. These devices, capable of internet connectivity and streaming content, often lack adequate security measures for cameras, microphones, and facial recognition technology, unlike computers or smartphones, the article cautioned.

In 2019, the FBI Portland website highlighted the potential risks associated with built-in internet connectivity in smart televisions, as it could provide an entry point for manufacturers, streaming services, and even hackers to access one's home.

Conflicting Intentions

Regarding Marjorie Taylor Greene's recent tweet about her TV turning on by itself, political analyst Craig Agranoff commented to Newsweek that while it seems peculiar, it is challenging to decipher her intention behind it. Agranoff noted that the tweet aligns with Greene's past conspiracy theories about government surveillance. He also pointed out that Greene has a history of making extravagant claims that have been debunked, suggesting that this could be another instance of such behavior.

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Greene has faced criticism for her controversial statements, including questioning the worth of Vice President Kamala Harris' white husband, expressing confusion about monkeypox transmission, and likening joining the U.S. military to wasting one's life.

Previously, Twitter suspended Greene for 12 hours due to her statement that COVID-19 posed no danger to non-obese individuals under 65 years old.

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