10 Things That Should Be Free for Everyone

It is said that nothing is free in this world, even being alive or dead, but this should not be the case. As taxpayer citizens of any country, we should be given access to fundamental necessities of life that could be easily covered by tax money. Here are some things that should be made accessible for everyone without cost.

1. Parking at the Hospitals

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It's true that in numerous countries, you have to pay for parking your vehicle, even at the hospitals; one of the users expressed that medical bills are already expensive and that extra parking fees don't look suitable. Even the doctors and nurses are not spared from these charges.

2. Knowledge

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Knowledge makes an intelligent, literate, and well-mannered person, and someone should not be paying significant sums of money to get a few books or access to knowledge that could be made simply available with the help of public libraries. A user shared that not all places have local public libraries, and you are lucky if there is one in your area.

3. Sanitary Products

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A user shared their perspective that they wonder how long it would take for the government to make sanitary products free for the public. Unfortunately, most toiletries are not complimentary and are expensive in many countries. Great masses of people all over the globe demand that such essential hygienic products be made available for free.

4. Live Saving Medicine

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Life-saving medicine refers to insulin and epi-pens, etc. Compared to older times, insulin is now easy to produce and cheap, yet the brands sell them for very high prices. An individual on an online platform justified that although insurance covers all the good stuff, some people aren't lucky to have insurance.

5. Public Transport

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There are many benefits associated with making public transport accessible, one is that massive traffic could be avoided as more people choose other options, as an individual can do on an online platform. For public transport, our tax-paid money should be enough to cover the cost of all the basic transport. 

6. Water

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Water is one of the most important necessities for our existence, yet the irony is that clean and fresh water is not available for everyone and is a privilege instead of a right. A user on an online platform expressed that water is everywhere, yet some people have to suffer and don't even have access to it. 

7. Education

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Education nowadays has become a business. Numerous institutes in different countries try to make cash out of knowledge. Our user gave a brilliant solution: education should be free, at least up to an associate degree. Bonus point if up to a bachelor's after that, if you want a degree, you have to pay for it, which makes getting jobs and education easier as only a few people can afford it after high school.

8. Health Care

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Health care has become extremely expensive, and people now must consider all the bills instead of their deteriorating health. One of the users explained that nobody should be dying from a staph infection because they can't afford a trip to the emergency room or a prescription for the drug; they need to stay alive.

9. Shelters

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Numerous people end up being homeless due to specific reasons. As humans, everyone should have somewhere safe to sleep at the least. A user explained that free shelter should at least be guaranteed for anyone who doesn't have it. If people want something more excellent than the basic, then it's fair enough that it should cost something. 

10. Internet

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In the era of skyrocketing technological advancement, access to essential free internet for many won't be too much for the government. A user elucidated that if we are moving to a society where we depend on technology more and more every day, it really shouldn't be a luxury for most people.

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