10 Qualities Other Than Appearance That Women Find Attractive in Men

Looks will only get you so far. What really makes a man attractive besides his outward appearance? These forum users have the answers.

1. Patience

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One user commented, “If a guy is just calm and reassuring when things get tough, that's insanely attractive also, if he's teaching something and just gently aids without getting annoyed.”
“I was walking around with my boyfriend for over two hours, getting more and more frustrated about myself because I messed things up, and we had to walk around that pointless now.” one user shared, “I apologized more than once to him, but he was just like “it's okay” and was calm and light-hearted. It made me fall in love even deeper.”

2. Asking for the Details

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One user shared, “My boyfriend and I went grocery shopping for the first time since dating, and after a few minutes he went missing, only for him to come running back with my favorite coffee in his hand asking “is this your favorite!?” with a big smile on his face. I remember telling him about it in passing, but he remembered, and it was the sweetest thing.”

3. A Good Haircut

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“I don't think a lot of men realize just how much a good haircut can help.” one user shared. “Obviously, it's a bit subjective, but a flattering haircut can make a massive difference. My partner got a bad haircut once, and although he is a handsome dude, he looked like a turnip.”

4. Confidence, Not Arrogance

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One user comments, “able to laugh at themselves. When my Dad-bodied boyfriend squeezed himself into hot pants and a midriff top on a dare and then strutted, I knew he was the man I was going to marry.”

“A man who is uptight and arrogant is unattractive beyond belief. Doesn't matter how physically appealing they may be.” another user shared.

5. Being a Good Listener

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One user shared, “I was seeing a man, and he asked me how my day was. Usually, I'd say ok because I'd think they don't want to know but just want to start a conversation. But this one guy asked, ‘just ok?”

“I thought you had issues at work before. How did that go? I was shocked that he even remembered what I had told him previously. So I told him everything that happened, and he listened intently. He then gave me his opinion on it, and we talked about it for a few hours while having coffee.”

6. Being Kind

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“I couldn't be with a man that wasn't kind. A good measure of a man is how he treats those he has absolute power over, like employees, animals, and children. If he treats them poorly, imagine how he'll treat you,” reports one user.

Another user replied, “Absently minded petting an animal, greeting a child, tiny gestures that show the kindness within them, not because they were taught it is the right thing, but because they feel it.”

7. Eye Contact

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One user shared his trick, “look into someone's eyes just long enough to register their eye color. It helps when forming a connection.”

Another user shared, “I was just friends with this girl in college but wanted more. I read somewhere that making frequent eye contact helped make you seem more confident and would also help her understand that I was interested in her for more than just friendship. So I tried it the next few times I saw her, and it worked.

8. Basic House Skills

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“They can take care of themselves.” advises one user. “Clean house, cook, do laundry, etc. They don't have to be a perfectionist but have the ability to care for their needs.” Women want to date a man, not have to care for a grown child.

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9. Being Attentive

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“Attentiveness was something I noticed with my Husband right away. Little things like, I made a face of discomfort. So, he traded me spots when sitting in uncomfortable chairs. I had said earlier that day to no one in particular that I would love a Yoohoo. So, he picked me one up,” one user shared.

“The thing that made me fall for him is how attentive he is with everyone. Strangers, family, friends, seriously everyone. We have been together almost ten years and married for almost eight, and he still does this, so I know it's not just to win me over.”

10. Having Manners

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One user explains, “Men who open the door for you or wait for you to walk in first. There are moments when a man is walking in front of me, talking with someone, walking into a restaurant for lunch or an office building.”

“I didn't think they noticed me because I was walking behind them. But they get to the door, still talking, open it, and wait for me to walk in. I say thank you, and they continue with their day. Short or tall men, thin or thick, are sexy.”

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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