“What Were Boomers Thinking?” 10 Cringe-Worthy Modern Things Future Generations Will Wonder About

As time moves forward, certain practices, beliefs, and customs become outdated, irrelevant, or downright embarrassing to look back on. Now we will explore the opinions of various individuals about the current state of affairs and how people in the future might look back on them with disbelief. 

1. The Future Will View Chemo as Inhumane

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Imagine a world where cancer can be treated without chemotherapy's excruciating pain and side effects. One visionary believes that future generations will look at chemotherapy with astonishment, wondering how people could have endured such barbaric treatment. Instead, they predict that cancer will be treated with more advanced and less painful methods, leaving behind the harsh chemicals and primitive techniques of the past.

2. Plastic Pollution Will Be Regretted

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Plastic has become a necessary part of our daily lives, from packaging to utensils to bags. But one conscientious observer believes that future generations will view plastic as a blemish on our history. They predict that people will look back with regret and lament the sheer amount of plastic that was produced and used without thought to its long-term environmental impact.

3. Random Traffic Deaths Will Be Considered Barbaric

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Despite technological advances and safety measures, road accidents remain a leading cause of death and injury worldwide. One keen-eyed analyst believes that future generations will struggle to comprehend why so many people die yearly due to car accidents. They predict that with the emergence of safer and more advanced modes of transportation, posterity will look upon our current reliance on cars with incredulity.

4. Healthcare Bankruptcy Will Be Unacceptable

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Health problems can cause financial ruin for many individuals, even those with insurance. One compassionate thinker believes that future generations will shake their heads in disbelief at the notion that someone could go bankrupt merely because they became ill. They predict that people will look back and wonder why healthcare was so expensive and why society did not do more to alleviate the financial burden on those needing medical treatment.

5. The Negative Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

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Social media has become a must in modern life, but one concerned netizen believes that future generations may view it regretfully. They express concern about the impact of social media on mental health, with people constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling inadequate. They predict that future generations may lament the rise of cyberbullying and misinformation on social media, wondering why society did not take action to prevent it.

6. The Lack of Action on Social Injustices Will Be Criticized

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A wise individual noted that future generations would reflect on the present day and shake their heads at how society ignores injustices we tolerate as normal. They likened it to the abolitionists of the past who coexisted with slavery, suggesting that we have our own contemporary examples of issues that we should not tolerate.

7. Work-Life Balance Will Be Prioritized

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Someone recently expressed their concerns about the work-life balance that many people experience today. They predicted that in the future, people would be puzzled by how we accepted the idea of working long hours with no time for anything else. They believe that future work culture will prioritize mental and physical well-being over productivity.

8. Wasteful Government Spending on War Will Be Condemned

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A forward-thinking individual pointed out that the future will reflect on the trillions of dollars spent on war and government corruption with disbelief. They were likely referring to the countless wars that have been waged throughout history, resulting in the loss of countless lives and resources. They may also be referencing the rampant corruption within many governments, leading to a lack of trust in those in positions of authority.

9. The Unhealthy Food Industry Will Be Rejected

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Despite being a meat eater, one health-conscious user believes that future generations will shake their heads at the food industry's practices. The industrialization of food production and lack of transparency in labeling and sourcing has led to health and environmental problems. Ethical concerns about treating animals in factory farms and using antibiotics and hormones in meat production have been raised.

10. TikTok Dances in Public Will Be Laughable

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One savvy user has predicted that people from the future will find TikTok dancing in public to be strange. They may view it as an invasion of personal space or attention-seeking behavior. In the future, they may have different privacy and personal space standards, leading them to question the motives behind such actions.

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