10 Tips to Not Always Be A “Broke College Kid”

In today's ever-growing economy, it is hard to maintain one's standard of living. If you are a college student, your biggest worry is your budget. Let's explore ways you can have a job while working and other conventional strategies for saving your money.

1. Work as a Librarian 

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Someone mentions their experience as working as a librarian in their university. The workload of someone supervising is not even that much, so it's relatively easy to study while working. So this could be one of the options if your college offers work in this position. 

2. Research Assistant

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As a student, you must have heard of people being RA's for an instructor or a department. As one user commented on how he applied for this position, his university even pays him for working as an RA. So, look for emails regarding such positions; maybe you will get them. 

3. Tutoring

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The most popular way for students to earn money would be tutoring. Multiple people have mentioned how they worked as tutors and could easily manage their expenses. However, as one of them suggests, don't tutor a hard subject or too many subjects since then you won't get time for your self-study. Learn how to balance work-study life.

4. Babysitting

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Another person contributes to financial survival in college by mentioning how late-night babysitting is also an option. A job like this could be convenient for someone who wants a stay-at-home type of work. It may be slightly easier for one to study alongside working. 

5. Wait Tables

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Again, this may be another common job students may take up while studying. As a part-time job, this could be quite suitable for anyone looking to earn a decent amount of money. Some users mention their different experiences. For some, this was convenient as they only worked on weekends; for others, it was a daily thing, so it could get hectic. Be sure to find work that does not harm your grades. 

6. Paid Internships

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If you scroll through Lindekin or even Facebook groups, you will find many remote internship opportunities in this economy. Since a lot of people are working on start-ups and the concept of online work is widely accepted, it might be the best opportunity for you to have for earning. Hence, working paid internships is also suggested by one commenter.

7. Avoid Eating Out

Cooking Food
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If you are someone who's living on campus for your college, then this might be the best advice anyone could follow. If you take note of your monthly budget, you will realize most of the money just goes to waste on food. While eating out may be an outing on the weekends, try finding a place that is cheap and also fulfills your need for an outing. Spending hundreds of dollars on food is not worth it. Maybe try cooking yourself, and you will save tons. “Cooking and meal prepping can save thousands a year,” one of the college students mentioned. 

8. Scholarships

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The best way to save money would be to apply for scholarships. It's okay if you struggle with academics. There are multiple other programs and scholarships. Be on the lookout for these programs and apply for as many as possible. Some commenters advise that you apply like “crazy” for scholarships, but most likely, you will land one. Don't lose hope. 

9. Gap Year

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A graduate student suggests how taking a gap year can be a strategy to save up for the entire year. A gap year may help your expenses in college. While many people are hesitant to take this step, many people actually take a gap year, and according to them, it helps them manage their finances better.

10. Save

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Last but not the least, of course, save. No matter how much you earn, be sure to take out some amount and keep it aside so you can save it. Rather than spending money on eating out, you can save it and use it to buy some useful thing you really want maybe a laptop. Saving goes a long way, so be wise and follow this every month.

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