5 Ways to Save Money This Fall Season

The weather is cooling! Well, if you're anywhere but California I Guess. It's Summer until november around here.

Here are 5 different ways that you can save money in your fall transition.


1. Don't buy new clothing

I am so guilty of this. So bear with me. I'm a clothing person. I'm a wannabe fashionista, but I want to be one and I for some reason really like buying new clothes when the seasons change.

So the first thing you can do is look in your closet. If you have sufficient clothing and sufficient clothing meaning more than a week's worth of clothing. I probably have a month's worth and you probably do too. There's no reason to buy new clothing and that could be a significant expense that you could completely eliminate.

2. Begin meal planning

If you have never meal planned, this could be the healthy change that you've been wanting for a while. First benefit is you begin understanding where your food is actually coming from as opposed to something brought to on a plate that you don't know how clean the kitchen is or who touched your food. YUCK!

When you start meal planning you start taking a little bit of pride a sense of accountability on what YOU created and that feels really nice creating something that YOU ate and YOU created. You made that with your two hands.
This helps in two areas.
Firstly, it saves money and secondly you will begin taking ownership of what you're putting in your body which in turn is more nutritious and healthy.

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3. Choose one hobby

Pick one and stick to it.
Starting things and not finishing them is not a skill you want.
A “jack of all trades” sounds nice, but in reality having eight different hobbies is expensive and takes a lot of time away from family, friends and leisure.
Learn when to say no.
You'll save time and money. Cha-ching!

4. Take a monthly subscription audit

Do you really need Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited & HBO?
Take a personal audit. Go through all your memberships and if you have not used them in months, throw them out. If you have a gym membership and have not been there since January 23rd cancel it! Look at all your different monthly memberships and find out the ones you simply do not use.
You may be able to find $50 or $100 you can save every month.

5. Volunteer your time

This one is not so much a financial change but a positive change in general.. I have such a soft heart towards non-profit organizations that need volunteers and I promise you pretty much every nonprofit that has any humanitarian efforts needs volunteers.

Whether that be your Church, local Food Bank or homeless outreach.
Do a little research.
There are so many different places, so many different organizations that totally need people, just bodies and people who are willing to help.
This can be also teaching moment if you have kids. Take them downtown and go to a soup kitchen or visit a food bank.
This will help them realize that what they have in life is a complete utter blessing.
The structure they live in.
The water they have.
The food they have in the fridge.
The school they attend.
The the car they drive in that has air-conditioning.
All these things are so so much of a blessing. And I think is really important, especially for the younger ones, to realize that all of this stuff can be taken away.
You're so blessed to have them.
I'm blessed to have them.
This gratitude at a young age can begin to be developed because I didn't have much thankfulness when I was younger.
Take your kids, take the Hubby take the Wife and go volunteer somewhere.
I promise you they will be so grateful for you and it might even help you begin being grateful for what you have.
Those are my five, but I know there are so many other ways to save during The Fall season.
I want to hear what other ways you have implemented to save during The Fall season.

What ways have you implemented to save money and maybe even save time? Comment below.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.
Have a great great great Fall season!

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