10 Items Many Think Are Okay to Steal

Many think stealing is okay in some circumstances.

1. Stealing Insulin: Access To Life-Saving Meds

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Someone says that insulin is now at a point where it is considered something that people think should be okay to steal. Insulin is a vital medication used to manage diabetes, and its high cost has made it difficult for some patients to afford it. Many cases in recent years have been reported of people stealing insulin or restricting their dosages owing to high pricing, which can have serious health effects. This situation has sparked a debate on whether access to life-saving medication should be a right for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

2. Confessions of an Office Supply Thief

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Another commenter states, “Honestly? Where my fellow corporate office supply kleptos?? Don't lie…”. This user seems to be admitting to stealing office supplies from their workplace and is wondering if others do the same. It is common for people to take small items such as pens, notepads, or even printer paper from their workplace, but it is important to remember that it is still considered stealing and can result in consequences such as disciplinary action or even legal charges.

3. Taking From Hospital Rooms After Birth

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After giving birth, anything in the hospital room that is not nailed down is considered fair game to take. The commenter suggests that the exhaustion and stress of labor and delivery justify taking items from the hospital room as a form of compensation.

4. Justified Stealing of Abused Animals

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It is okay to steal animals from those who abuse them. This comment stems from a concern for the well-being and safety of animals that their owners are mistreating. The individual believes that taking the animal away from its abusive environment and providing it with proper care is justifiable. However, it is important to note that stealing animals, even in the name of protecting them, is illegal and could and may result in legal penalties. Instead, it is recommended to report animal abuse to the proper authorities.

5. Stealing Grapes: Small-Scale Theft

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A grapes lover recommended that stealing a few grapes from the grocery store should be permissible. This person may have been implying that stealing a small quantity of merchandise without paying for it wouldn't greatly impact the business. However, this is unacceptable and continues to be considered shoplifting.

6. Security Worker Turns a Blind Eye to Theft

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Having worked in security for years, they would turn a blind eye to parents stealing baby food, milk, and diapers. Despite the store's policy against Theft, the worker felt that the needs of struggling families outweighed the harm caused by small thefts. Their experience working in security gave them a unique perspective on the issue of Theft and the people who commit it.

7. Stealing Water: A Matter of Survival

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A kind-hearted participant expressed that they thought water should be allowed to steal. The user's father witnessed two kids attempting to steal their water bottles while they were on vacation in India. Their father chose to share the water with them and even gave them some cookies rather than reprimand them. The kids were appreciative and gave their thanks before escaping, perhaps to their homes. The user thinks that someone can take their water if they need to survive.

8. Taking Fast Food Sauce Packets: No Harm Done

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Stealing tomato/ketchup sauce packets from fast food restaurants should be acceptable. Many people can use these small, affordable packets to prepare meals at home. They add that a few additional packets are not a big concern, as many restaurants offer these for free and frequently serve more than is required.

9. Sheetz Worker's Desperate Doughnut Theft

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A worker's stomach growled loudly during a difficult night shift at Sheetz, a convenience store. They were struggling because they didn't earn enough money to live comfortably and couldn't afford meals. Their hunger made it hard to resist temptation. Every day, the store threw away doughnuts that were considered too old to sell. However, in a desperate act, the worker secretly saved these discarded doughnuts from being wasted. It wasn't their proudest moment, but their strong belief in doing what's right stayed firm throughout this late-night snacking adventure.

10. Stealing Natural Resources: A Moral Dilemma

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Natural resources that someone has claimed as their own and charges others for, like water or land, should be considered acceptable to steal. The individual believes that no one has the right to control access to essential resources necessary for survival. In their view, the practice of charging people for access to these resources is unjust and should be challenged.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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