10 Terrible Things People Avoid Talking About

Due to the constant influx of news and information, it can be easy to overlook certain issues happening worldwide. Recently on an online platform, people have highlighted some scary things that are going on in the world that you may not have known about.

1. The Terrifying Threat of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

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A worried user has raised the alarm about the mounting threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Overusing antibiotics in healthcare and agriculture has caused these pathogens to evolve and become increasingly difficult to treat. This could result in widespread outbreaks of epidemics caused by multi-drug resistant bacteria, a terrifying prospect for public health.

2. The Exploitation of Young Girls in Poor Regions

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In some of the world's poorest regions, orphanage managers betray vulnerable young girls' trust by tipping off local pimps. These girls are at risk of ending up on the streets, and while some managers use the tip money to feed younger children in their care, others view it as a way to make their main job more lucrative. It's a distressing situation that highlights the exploitation of innocent children.

3. Modern-Day Slavery in Eritrea

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Shockingly, an estimated 9% of Eritrea's population lives in slavery, a fact that many people may not be aware of. This amounts to around 400,000 individuals forced to work without pay, often under brutal conditions, with no hope of escape or freedom. Modern-day slavery remains a pervasive problem in many parts of the world, despite efforts to combat it.

4. Uncovering a Larger Network of Crime

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The ongoing investigation into the late financier Jeffrey Epstein has raised concerns among commenters. While Epstein's girlfriend has been convicted of trafficking, others allegedly involved in his crimes have not been charged or publicly named. This has led to suspicions that a larger network of powerful individuals may be involved in illegal activities that have yet to be uncovered.

5. Mental Health Crisis in Sydney

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Moving to Sydney, one user was struck by the frequency of public suicides happening in the city. Almost every day, someone takes their own life by jumping from a building or in front of a train, highlighting a potential mental health crisis that needs to be addressed. Access to help for those struggling with mental health issues is also a concern.

6. The Danger of Child Predators Still at Large

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The clients of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who were involved in child predation, are still free, putting innocent children at risk. While Epstein's conviction and Maxwell's trial have brought some justice, the predators who participated in their crimes have not been charged or named publicly, leaving the commenter worried about the safety of children.

7. Indigenous Children Sold for Trafficking in Mexico

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A user visiting Mexico witnessed a horrific situation in Guerrero, where indigenous children are sold like commodities. Despite government inaction, this problem cannot be ignored, and the fear of the cartel prevents many civilians from speaking out. It's a deeply concerning situation that demands attention.

8. Mass Kidnappings of School Children in Africa

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According to one user, the mass kidnappings of school children in Africa have only been getting attention from UNICEF since 2021. This is a scary situation that is not just a violation of human rights but also poses a threat to the education and future of these children. It's a problem that requires more attention and action.

9. Abuse and Exploitation in Troubled Teen Industry

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The troubled teen industry is revealed to be a place of abuse and exploitation, with institutions operating for over 30 years with legal impunity. Survivors of these institutions face lifelong trauma and nightmares after being subjected to horrors that go unnoticed. It's a chilling truth that demands attention.

10. Child Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

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A disturbing reality of the chocolate industry is highlighted by one individual: 70% of the world's chocolate comes from West Africa, where an estimated 1.5 million enslaved children are involved in chocolate production in Ghana and the Ivory Coast alone. The prevalence of child labor in the chocolate industry in Nigeria and Cameroon is also caused for concern. It's a situation that requires action and accountability.

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