10 Companies That Beat the Odds and Are Still Going

In our fast-moving world, many people and businesses fall back into this race of life mainly because they are not up to date or lack what the new evolving world wants. But the ones who understand this game and strive hard get their chance to survive. Some businesses beat the odds and survived for success, so let's explore these companies.

1. Sears

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 Sears is a general retail company that sells household goods, electronics, and clothing articles. In addition, they also assist with automobile and household repairs. The directing explanation for their descent was increased competition between other retail stores and online shopping. Still, this business is ongoing. Our user conveyed that Sears is of immense value in their country, and if you buy something from there, you are considered wealthy.

2. Blackberry

BlackBerry keypad phone with oranges wallpaper
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Blackberry was highly prominent in the past because of its cell phones. The company gained success when it released its smartphones, which became a vital technology for business people. Then, the multitude. Now, Blackberry is a leader in cyber security and works for businesses, government agencies, etc. One individual said that Blackberry is pretty good in the security sector, and they used Blackberry reports in their job.

3. Nokia

Nokia on building.
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One individual illustrated Nokia's journey: They started as a pulp mill and then started making things with pulp, such as toilet paper, tyers, etc. Moved to computers and now produces networking equipment. There is more to their journey toward networking equipment. Nokia has always stayed in the mobile industry. They used their expertise from the mobile sector in adjacent industries and made an incredible name out of it.

4. AOL

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AOL was initially known as American Online. It is a web portal and online service provider based in New York City. AOL delivers internet users benefits such as email, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) software, AOL Video, video search, news, sports, weather, etc. Our user described that Yahoo now owns AOL, and their father still uses their AOL email address from 1999.

5. McAfee

McAfee Logo
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A computer security software that safeguards against viruses, hackers, and ransomware and provides identity and privacy protection. One user on an online platform declared they are surprised that most antivirus vendors still exist. The justification is that they are still around because they provide guarantees, technical support, and better distribution and enforcement tools.

6. Radio Shack

Radio Shack
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A user commented that they loved Radio Shack as a kid, but, unfortunately, it is one of many on the long list of companies that could not evolve sufficiently once the internet made its service obsolete. Radio Shack is an American electronic retail store that has worked since 1921. It sells technology products and accompaniments. The company switched its name to “The Shack,” which assisted it in boosting its sales.

7. Fazoli's

Fazoli's Sign
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Fazoli's is an American casual fast-food restaurant chain established in 1988. Fazoli's is prominent for its delicious breadsticks and is notable for premium Italian food. An individual exemplified that Fazoli's is underrated, and it has been twenty years since they last had their famous breadsticks. Fazoli's closed in some cities for some reason, but they are now returning.  

8. Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's
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The brand's name emanated from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and the main character's name was Long John Silverjs. It is an American fast-food chain well-known for its seafood. One of the users on an online source said they treasure Long John Silver so much, mainly due to childhood nostalgia.

9. TiVo

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One of the individuals shared their experience that they liked TiVo, which was straightforward to use. Plus, they got their software 100% right the first time, and their remote was an excellent interface. TiVo is a digital video recorder introduced in 1999. The great thing about TiVo is its foremost streaming and live TV experience. The downfall rationale of TiVo is that consumers are no longer required to record their favorite TV shows and matches.

10. Yahoo

Yahoo! on Building
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It is a global internet brand that provides different services to its users, such as web engines, email, news, and finance. Yahoo's preliminary issue was that their engagement gradually declined, and consumers shifted to other platforms, but Yahoo didn't contemplate it. To this day, some people still use their Yahoo emails. Our user elucidated they have a couple of new niches, such as sports or business, that could make their comeback substantial.

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