Elites, Jets And Climate Change: 10 Double Standards That Fuel Our Frustration

In a world where individuals demand fairness and equality in every department of life, hypocrisy and double games are also in action, which is quite ironic. Some standards of society scream unfair ethical dimensions, which frustrate everyone. On the social platform, people raise their voices on this mockery. Let's read it out.

Ethical Limitations on Employees

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Every government requires employees to follow the ethical and moral code of conduct, but no one pays heed to the judges and politicians. An angry federal employee rightly points out this issue, which is why there is this moral hypocrisy in the system. Another employee shares that he can't even receive a gift above $5, while politicians can do million-dollar lobbies without getting questioned.

A Manipulative Respect

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Respect has lost its credential meaning nowadays. The criteria of respecting someone is maintained due to their rank and authority. A user points out the hypocrisy that people ask to accept No as a respect, but they can't act on it. Another furious user criticizes that asking for respect is just an act of manipulation to get benefits.

Domination Of Bullies

Two businesspeople bullying a sad colleague that is sitting in her workplace at office
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In every school system, bullied students exist, which make the other fellows' life hell. An intellectual user raises questions about the double standards of schools, where bully students always escape, and victims become the scapegoat. He further shares his views on the helplessness of the victims, that they can only complain to teachers, or when they react, they are expelled or suspended from the school.

Hypocrisy on Disease

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The world starts to react differently towards your diseases when you surpass the age of 20. There is a common opinion that aged people with the disease don't need much attention as compared to children who have the disease. A Cerebal Palsy patient shares that in the virtual world, he can't find anything related to his condition; all the concern and precautions is about CP children.

A Stock Market Dilemma

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The stock market has a massive role in people's employment status, but it has a biased impact on the rich and poor. There is a dilemma that the loss always falls into the working class's lap. An investor raises a concern about whether the stock market goes up or down; the working class constantly struggles and gets nothing in return, while the rich open their war chest to compensate for the situation.

Company Growth as an Excuse

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Most companies don't care about their employees. They try to put every blame on their employees, whether it is success or failure. A furious employee recalls how the company is ready to fire employees for minimal growth, but when they achieve success, they don't even appreciate or reward the employees by calling it the company's success only.

Doctor's Impatience

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The doctors usually set a high standard of moral policy, but when it is their turn, they don't care. Doctors make patients wait for hours but wouldn't care to cancel the patient appointment on just a few minutes delay. A disappointed patient shared that she had to wait in the examination room for hours because the doctor was busy. Actually, what is the need to make an appointment when you are not available?

Money is The Boss

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The justice system always has its masks on, pretending to be fair and ethical. The truth is revealed when there is an inequality of wealth among the clients. The more money, the better the lawyer and hence the case-winning opportunity. An annoyed user shares that lawyers can smell money and go towards it. Another user adds that if you have money, you don't have to worry about lawyers.

Glorification of Gender Reverse Roles

LGBTQ Pride Festival
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Society always puts men and women in limited roles and expects them to do the same. When there is a reversal of role, society glorifies it by calling it an extraordinary effort. A user explains that when women do cooking, it is okay, but when men do cooking, it becomes an extraordinary thing. He ponders why there is a double standard about the same role.

Unrealistic Experiences From the Labor Class

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Everybody in the society is waiting for the power, and when they get it, the real devil comes from inside. The same is the case with employers; they consider their laborers to be slaves and make unrealistic demands. A concerned user adds that wealthy employers also become biased due to the background or ethnicity of their workers, which is a shameful act.

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