How to Make Money on TikTok

The short video platform, TikTok, has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are over 1 billion active monthly users and 2.6 billion downloads worldwide. The platform is full of versatile content such as comedy, singing, POV stories, and makeup tutorials.  

Content creators are awarded for their challenging work to gain followers by making money from their content. TikTok is also a beautiful place to start, grow, and advertise your business. This article will go over all the diverse ways to make money through TikTok. 

How Hard Is It To Make Money on TikTok? 

It is hard to make money on any social media platform if you do not have the motivation or resources. If you put the right amount of effort into your content so that it attracts new followers and sponsors, then you will be on your way to lining your pockets. You get what you give.  

Plenty of online resources are available to help you cater your content to your audience and increase your engagement. You must have the work ethic required to put out consistent, good-quality content to grab the viewers' attention. 

The Secret to Gaining Followers on TikTok 

To take advantage of many of these programs and opportunities, you need to have a presence on TikTok or social media in general. There is no overnight success with social media, and it certainly is not easy. 

Sure, you might have a particular video or post go “viral,” but the key is to keep that momentum consistent throughout your channel. 

The keyword here is consistency. Platforms like TikTok reward creators for consistently publishing the latest content. If you post multiple times a week, or ideally, every day, you are more likely to show up on people's pages. 

Another key to your success on the app is adding value. What value are you bringing to your audience? Find a niche that helps people solve a problem. The top three areas to target for this would be health, finance, and relationships.  

When it comes to TikTok, these three areas are incredibly saturated, so you need to find a marketing strategy that sets you apart from other creators. Whether you do dances providing information or do POVs to teach, make sure you are doing something memorable in your videos that draws people's attention and, most importantly, entertains them.  

Become an expert in something. For example, Drew Afualo has taken TikTok by storm, creating reaction videos to misogynistic men. Drew has created entertainment value through the humor she brings in her videos.  

Another example is @Kallmekris, who has amassed 42.4 million followers on TikTok doing POV videos of original characters. She set herself apart from other creators by bringing her original characters to life in funny POV videos. 

If you can post consistent, differentiated content, you will see a rise in followers and engagement on your account. And this goes for all content creators. If you are dedicated and passionate about what you are creating, that will show in your work, and you will find an audience who appreciates the work you put in. 

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Join the TikTok Creator Fund 

The TikTok Creator Fund is a way for creators to make money from their content. To be a part of the creator fund, you must be 18 years or older, be a legal resident of the United States, have a minimum following of 10,000 authentic followers, have at least 100,000 original views in the last 30 days (about four and a half weeks), and post content that adheres to the community guidelines.  

You can find brand sponsorship and paid collaborations opportunities through the Creator Fund. When you create your profile, brands will see your analytics and reach out if they want to work with you.  

Create Merchandise To Sell to Other TikTok Users 

Another fantastic way to make money from TikTok is to open a merch store. If your account has a common thread, such as a pet, or a particular phrase, then you can use that to your advantage and turn it into merch.  

You can sell shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, hats, etc. It is an excellent way to get your brand out there, and you will get free advertising whenever someone wears or displays your merch in public. 

Brand Partnerships 

Once you gain a following, brands will start to reach out to you to collaborate. When you choose which brands to work with, work with those that align with your brand and values. Your followers will view you as a sellout or disingenuous if you partner with a brand not aligned with your channel's message. 

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Get Paid Through TikTok Ads 

You can make a good chunk of change through ad revenue by appearing in sponsored videos for assorted brands and joining TikTok for Business. You can achieve this by using in-feed ads, branded hashtags, as well as brand takeovers, as mentioned above. 

Virtual Gifts 

If you are a regular TikTok user, you have noticed an opportunity to give them virtual gifts in some creators' comment sections. Users can buy gifts and coins for their profile and then gift them to creators in their comment sections or during live videos. The creator can then cash out the gifts for real money. 

Manage Campaigns for Influencers 

You can act as an intermediary between influencers and brands and help ensure that the influencer achieves critical parts of the brand's campaign for a fee. 

Be a Manager for a TikTok Influencer 

You can be an account manager for a TikTok influencer. You can help them map out their content goals, promotional opportunities, collaboration opportunities and help them gain more of an audience. 

For this role, it may be good to have a background in marketing or social media management to have more credibility and have a better chance of getting hired by a more well-known influencer who can pay you more for your services. 

If you are a part of an affiliate program, place it in the caption of your videos or even in your bio. Affiliate marketing is a terrific way to make money, and if you have a following on TikTok, you have a fantastic opportunity in front of you to make more money from people buying or signing up for the product or service. 

If you can link the content on your channel to that product or service, that is even better.  

Promoting Up and Coming Musical Artists 

Some lesser-known artists will pay you to use their songs as sounds on your videos to drive sales. If you come across any of these artists, do not be afraid to reach out to them for a collab, especially if it could benefit both. 

Be a Brand Ambassador 

Becoming a brand ambassador is another terrific way to make money through TikTok. As an ambassador, you can help brands expand their reach and presence on social media, and you usually get PR boxes or free products from them to highlight on your channel.  

So not only are you getting paid to help a brand grow its presence, but you also get some excellent products as well. 


TikTok is a popular outlet for creative people to make a living while doing what they love. Whether you are an artist, a comedian, a fashion enthusiast, a pet lover, the list could go on; there is a place for you to make income on TikTok. 

Social media has limitless earning potential; you need to have the drive and passion for pursuing it. You can find a niche and make it work for you, or you can help someone else manage their niche. The possibilities are endless. 

Happy content creating! 

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.


How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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