Money Drama Means Divorce: How to Stay Married And Handle Money Efficiently

Handling money together as a couple is like exploring uncharted waters – it can be exciting, but there might be a few storms. If you are married or planning to get settled with your partner, you can consider some smart strategies to avoid any budget-related rough patches discussed over here.

1. Pool Your Money

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Managing the budget is not that hard, especially when you've got the right tricks up your sleeve. Pooling money together is the best solution. You can add all savings and investment accounts in the pool and keep track of an Excel file. You can generate all expenses, including bills, rent, vehicles, mortgages, and gadgets, with this pool.

2. Splitwise App

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Many people cannot handle the confusion with Excel sheets. The money distribution and tracking apps can work as a savior in this case. Splitwise is a user-friendly and secure app that has both free and paid versions. You can add details of budget and expenses in this app and need not worry about expenses.

3. Decide What You Want Together

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From a single toothpaste to a big vehicle or a house, try to discuss more with your partner about what you want. Discussion can make things easy and stress-free. The other partner can suggest a certain thing, and you both may agree on some point. It not only helps in sorting things out without fighting in a marriage but also creates a bond.

4. Refine Your Budget Down

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Sit with your partner and make a list of essentials that you need every month. This includes groceries, fast food, drugs, gifts, and other things like that. You can also add some particular things like the stuff you buy to wear and how much of your estimated budget you would like to spend.

5. Joint Accounts

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People find it difficult to handle and manage joint accounts, but you can simply go for the option of one personal and one joint account. You can discuss with your partner adding an equal amount of money into a joint account every month that you both may use for either savings or spending.

6. Plan Your Spending on Dinners and Dates

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Dates and dinners are essential to keep the love alive for partners. So, rather than unplanned dates, you can plan a date or a dine-out option according to your budget. You can choose a day in a week for an outing on a budget-friendly option and choose a luxury date once a month.

7. Communication and Trust

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You cannot have a successful marriage until you communicate with your partner and trust him or her. Money issues can also lead to miscommunication and a bridge of untrustworthiness. If you have any inconvenience with your budget or feel that you are having a financial burden, you must discuss it with your partner openly.

8. Don't Take Financial Risks if You Cannot Afford

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Many couples fight over unwanted financial stress. If something is going smoothly and there are no worries, don't take a major step of investing or spending a big amount that can cause financial risk. Only take those steps that you think are pocket-friendly and can easily cover the risk of loss if it occurs.

9. Saving Is the Best Option

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Other than a savings account, you must try to keep some amount saved for emergencies. So, you do not have to cut the amount from your budget, including your daily expenses. Smart couples always save an amount for medical emergencies and other stuff like gifts, unplanned events, and much more. 

10. Know Your Numbers

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If you are earning more than your partner, you must try to contribute more. Go for options like spending on the dates and dine-outs, paying rent for utilities, or buying necessary electronics or gadgets. In this way, you will not only support your partner but also make a significant contribution in money and clear off the stress.

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