“News In Democrat Propaganda” 10 Unethical Legal Things Everyone Accepts

There are many things that are technically legal, yet many believe they should be banned.

1. Fireworks: Celebration of Concern in Europe

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Brace for a speculative glimpse into the future as an insightful visionary contemplates the potential fireworks prohibition, particularly in Europe. Their concern stems from the dangerous misuse of fireworks, including the alarming trend of homemade explosive devices being hurled at law enforcement. Their thoughts on this matter serve as a cautionary reminder of the potential shifts in legislation and societal norms.

2. Restricting Cigarette Sales: Nz's Unconventional Approach

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Prepare for a forward-thinking perspective as a futurist sheds light on New Zealand's bold move to ban the sale of cigarettes to citizens born after 2010, regardless of their age upon reaching maturity. This visionary predicts that other regions will follow suit, adopting similar measures to curb tobacco use. Their insight hints at a future where tobacco consumption faces increasing scrutiny and regulation.

3. Changing News Landscape: Call For Accountability

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Delve into an idealist's hopeful vision of the future, where they dream of a world without biased news outlets masquerading as objective sources of information. They express dissatisfaction with corporate news platforms, decrying their inclination towards opinionated talking heads rather than true journalists. The idealist yearns for a future where misleading narratives and alternative “facts” become unlawful, urging news channels to prioritize truth and accuracy.

4. NFT/Crypto Scamming: Impending Regulations

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Peer into the crystal ball of a prognosticator who foresees the enactment of future laws targeting NFT and cryptocurrency scams. They anticipate regulatory measures to address the prevalent issue of pump-and-dump schemes, which artificially inflate prices before sudden crashes. This visionary's perspective points to a future where fraudulent practices surrounding digital assets are scrutinized and combated through legal means.

5. Commercial Drones: Ukraine's Impact on Politics

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Explore the evolving landscape of commercial drones through the eyes of a drone enthusiast who anticipates significant changes in their use. They draw attention to the anxieties raised by the deployment of small commercial drones in Ukraine, particularly among political, military, and law enforcement circles. The enthusiast highlights the potential security and regulatory concerns stemming from advancements in drone technology and its expanding applications.

6. Right To True Ownership: Battle Against Corruption

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Witness a concerned advocate's fear for the future of individual ownership rights as they express apprehension about the unchecked power of corrupt elitist politicians. They fear that the fundamental right to true ownership may become a legal battleground without collective action. The advocate warns against political forces that could limit or distort property rights to their advantage, signaling the need for vigilance in safeguarding individual liberties.

7. Shrinking Right to Protest: Dystopian Outlook

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Peer through the lens of a social commentator who raises the alarm over the limitations on the freedom to protest in the UK, foreseeing further restrictions looming. They attribute this erosion of rights to a perceived corrupt and inept government seeking to evade accountability. The commentator's dire prediction suggests that if the current regime persists, the right to protest could face a complete prohibition within a shorter timeframe than initially anticipated, evoking shades of dystopia reminiscent of George Orwell's “1984.”

8. Alcohol Advertising Under Scrutiny: Challenging Norms

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Contemplate the potential fate of alcohol advertising as voiced by an advocate who firmly believes in its future outlawing. They express deep concerns about the detrimental effects of alcohol on health and its contribution to everyday fatalities. The advocate criticizes the overall marketing strategies that seemingly promote alcohol as necessary for relaxation and socialization. Their viewpoint emphasizes the need to combat societal views that equate drinking with socializing and leisure activities.

9. Redefining Retirement: Useless Certification Discharge?

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Peek into the future of retirement through the lens of a speculative observer who envisions a significant shift in the requirements for claiming retirement benefits. They propose a future where individuals must present a certification discharge to prove their incapacity to work, granting them the freedom to live the remainder of their lives without employment obligations. The observer's contemplation delves into potential changes in retirement norms and processes.

10. Gun Control in Canada: Government's Determination

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Enter the realm of Canadian firearm legislation as observed by a concerned analyst who raises concerns about the future legality of guns in the country. They highlight the government's negative stance on civilian gun ownership and its propensity to implement restrictive measures. The analyst suggests that further regulations to limit or remove firearms from civilian possession may be on the horizon. Their perspective hints at potential shifts in gun laws and debates surrounding individual rights and public safety.

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