10 Micro-Investing Apps to Help You Grow Small Amounts of Money

Investing seems exclusive for wealthy people, but it's a half-truth. Sponsoring apps allow individuals to enter the stock market with a small amount. Such micro-investing Programs provide the opportunity to invest securely and earn a decent sum on that amount in the long term. Here, we cut the noise for you and selected the ten best investing apps.

1. Betterment

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This American Financial advisory company helps people manage their cash and allows them to acquire digital assets. With diversified portfolios and easy access, betterment is a haven for individuals ready to enter the market. Betterment's portfolio consists of low-cost ETFs suitable for someone just starting. Luckily, betterment has no minimum requirement for capital and only has a 0.25% annual account fee.

2. Acorns

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Everyone wants to put their saved money to work as money attracts money. That is why people seek automated algorithm-driven wealth management services. Acorns is one of them. This reached our list because it allows inexperienced investors to start with a bite-sized amount. Investors can link their debit card or credit with Acorns, so it deducts the balance when a purchase is made.

3. Robinhood

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Everyone must have heard of this fantastic service, the best in the league. This was the first company not to charge users a commission for buying or selling stocks. Individuals can easily trade Crypto, Options, ETFs, and stocks. However, Robinhood does not allow mutual funds and bonds. You may need to use another program to diversify your portfolio. Investing with Robinhood is easy. You have to be 18+ to open an account, and you can dive into the funding pool.

4. Webull

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Webull is a holding company headquartered in New York. Like Robinhood, it offers commission-free trading of stocks, Cryptos, ETFs, and Options. Without any minimum requirement, this program attracts novice traders. It currently runs IRAs so users can manage their retirement funds and stocks. To invest with Webull, you have to follow a few easy steps. First, open a Webull account; logging in to that account has been easy so far. After that, fund your account with wire transfer or microdeposits. Lastly, place the order. Here you go.

5. SoFi

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This automated personal finance application is perfect for beginner and cost-conscious traders. You can start venturing with SoFi for as low as $5, making it easier for everyone to get started. SoFi offers free access to financial advisors and also free portfolio management. Like Webull, you must open an account ( Brokerage account ), determine your budget, research the stocks, and place the order.

6. Charles Schwab

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Interestingly, this old stuffy firm steals the spot on the list of top financing companies. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide selection of Portfolios with helpful research guides. Charles Schwab has an excellent promo service for newcomers. When you open the account, you will win a free stock of $101. Everyone can easily invest in this platform. You must open an online brokerage account, which only takes ten minutes, and with its biometric security and ATM fee rebates, the application is relatively reliable.

7. WealthyHood

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This funding platform emerged mainly in the UK and caught beginner traders' attention. It stands high in the competition due to its simple investment process and features that resonate with those just starting. It has diverse investment choices such as Stocks, ETFs, Fractional shares, and more. WealthyHood basic plan is free, and you can start with a minimum investment of 1 pound.

8. Fidelity

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This other firm has been around in the staking realm for decades. Despite its age, Fidelity still managed to be in the game. It has a broad selection of 4300 mutual funds. And if you deposit $50 in Fidelity, you will get a fantastic promo of $150. To participate, choose the account type and figure out what you are investing for. Open the account, invest the funds, and relax. Fidelity's watchlists and alerts are helpful for potential risks and investment opportunities.

9. Wealthify

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For ethical investments, the perfect opportunity would be to choose Wealthify as your best option with a 0.7% starting fee. Beginners can invest with as little as they would like or go as high as they can with this app with monthly build-up plans and solid upward financial streaks. It is a user-friendly application with diverse professional management and uses trained professionals who invest according to your desires. 

10. Stash

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Narrowed-down investment options make Stash the most reliable application for micro-investment purposes. It also stratifies users' shares into fractions and invests them wisely to secure the invested money and gradually increase income streams over shorter periods. Stash could benefit retirement plans and job holders to save extra money for their children and a brighter future with little to no worries.

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