10 Menu Items Fast Food Employees Dislike Making

Fast food workers encounter a wide variety of customer requests and menu items every day, but there are certain orders that they simply dread making. These items can be particularly challenging or time-consuming to prepare, causing frustration among the employees.

1. Stuck-together Cheese Slice Woes

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A Subway employee expressed annoyance towards customers who ce: opt for cheddar cheese slices as their topping. They described the frustration of dealing with these clingy cheese slices that refuse to separate, turning a simple task into a time-consuming ordeal. The employee keenly sensed the judgmental gaze of customers as they painstakingly spent around 30 seconds trying to pry apart the stubborn cheese slices.

2. Nightmares of Meatball Subs

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The concerns of a fast food worker centered on crafting a meatball sub on flatbread with many dressed veggies. The worker earnestly pleaded with customers to steer clear of this particular combination. They revealed their secret plea to the sandwich gods whenever a customer hesitated and uttered, “Uhhh, I want,” hoping against all odds that the dreaded request for double-dressed veggies wouldn't follow. This specific order had become a nightmare, and they urged customers to reconsider their choice.

3. Coating and Cooking Cod and Walleye

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An employee at Culver's shared their exasperation with the Cod and Walleye filets on the menu. These items demanded additional preparation steps, leaving the employee frustrated. Each filet required a delicate coating of flour followed by a warm dip in the batter for every single order. Furthermore, the filets took approximately four minutes to cook, making them significantly more time-consuming than other menu items.

4. Quesoritos: Line Holders

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A Chipotle employee grumbled about the arduous process of crafting Quesoritos, a fusion of a quesadilla and a burrito. While acknowledging the delightful taste of Quesoritos and enjoying making them during lulls, they found it challenging to prepare them when the restaurant was bustling with customers.

The method of making Quesoritos slowed down the entire service, especially when confronted with a long line of customers. This situation could frustrate both the staff and other customers. The employee also expressed difficulty in maintaining a friendly demeanor when multiple customers simultaneously ordered Quesoritos or expressed interest in one after witnessing someone else's.

5. Iced Capps: Messy Blending

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One former Tim Hortons employee expressed their disgust for the notorious iced coffee drink, Iced Capps. Their primary source of annoyance revolved around the malfunctioning machine used to make them. According to their experience, the syrup mixture sprayed everywhere when inserted under the blender, as the machine failed to freeze it completely. The staff faced a messy and uncomfortable time producing iced coffee due to the machine malfunction.

6. McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Woes

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A previous McDonald's employee confessed their dislike for the task of refilling the ice cream dispensers. They described the ice cream base as oily and possessing an unpleasant odor reminiscent of sour milk and vomit. The inconvenience of cleaning up spills, which sometimes took up to an hour, and the lingering foul smell throughout their shift, made this activity highly unappealing to the employee.

7. Microwave Veggie Burgers

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Another frustrated user shared their grievances about preparing Veggie Burgers at Burger King. They detailed the process, which involved microwaving the patties for a precise 2 minutes. This consumed precious time, particularly during busy drive-thru orders, and also emitted an unpleasant odor. The combination of the time-consuming task and the unappetizing smell rendered Veggie Burgers an unwanted item for this individual.

8. Traumatizing Triple Cheeseburgers

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As per a savvy user's account, their father worked at Wendy's during high school. Despite facing combat in Desert Storm and the Gulf War, the user's father claimed that he only woke up in cold sweats due to nightmares about endlessly assembling triple and double cheeseburgers. This experience seemed to have left a lasting impact, emphasizing the potentially traumatic nature of this repetitive task.

9. Annoyances of Chopped Salads

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Expressing their frustration, a participant complained about preparing chopped salads. They found it manageable when there was only one to make, but it became a significant issue if multiple orders or a line of customers piled up. Unlike regular salads, the problem with chopped salads stems from mixing all the ingredients, requiring the worker to scrape the bowl to serve it. During busy periods, this process proved time-consuming, as they had to change gloves, adding an additional 10-15 seconds per order. The user found this repetitive activity irritating, particularly when the cumulative time accumulated during rushes.

10. Taco Bell's Cheesy Roll-Up Disdain

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Sharing their exasperation, a Taco Bell employee expressed their annoyance with making Cheesy Roll-Ups. They described a Cheesy Roll-Up as nothing more than melted cheese on a tortilla, a combination that could easily be replicated at home for less than $3. They found it perplexing when customers ordered 10 of them, especially considering the $1 price tag for each roll-up. In their experience, customers consistently ordered 10 of these items, leading them to believe that Cheesy Roll-Ups were preferred by individuals they referred to as “garbage people.”

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