10 Reasons People Walked Out on Their Jobs

Money is not the only thing that inspires someone to work at a particular place. One's self-respect, mental satisfaction, working environment, coworkers, and workload decide an employee's dedication to a company. The top reasons that force people to quit their jobs and look for other options are discussed.

1. Snapping Fingers 

Man snapping his fingers.
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The only thing that differentiates a leader from a boss is how he treats his employees. Employees can make mistakes, but it does not give someone a right to disrespect them all the time. An individual stated that he quit his job because his boss started snapping her fingers on his face. This attitude insulted him, so he sought a respectful company.

2. Following the Training

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You must consider how someone can declare a person irresponsible if that person is working according to his training. Many people get fired just because their boss doesn't like how they work (according to the training). A person explained that his manager taught him preparation methods for making drinks. However, he preferred to follow some other preparation methods from well-known books that made him popular among the customers.

3. Not Getting Leave 

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Anyone can get into some critical situations that put him in urgent need of leave from the workplace. It's the human right to get some relief in emergency situations. An individual mentioned that once, he demanded a single holiday because he had to go for her daughter's eye surgery, but his boss refused. After that day, that individual waited two weeks for his boss's vacation. He resigned after two weeks and made vacations memorable for his boss.

4. Illogical Policies 

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Some companies implement illogical policies that irritate employees and force them to quit. A person commented that his boss ordered him to make employees work unpaid fifteen minutes earlier than their duty time. This order was unfair to the workers, so he denied doing so. As a result, he had to resign from his job. Another individual expressed that he resigned because his boss was not letting him go to his best friend's funeral.

5. Unneeded Strictness 

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Efficient working demands discipline that is possible with strict rules and implementations. But what will happen if you start putting unwanted restrictions on your employees? It will put you in trouble to find new employees every month. A girl explained that once she agreed with her coworker who asked for a shift in working hours. After this, her boss scolded her just because she agreed to work in place of a coworker. 

6. Delayed Payments 

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It's okay to compromise with the company in terms of payment for one or two weeks if the company is facing some crisis. But what if a company is delaying your payment without any valid reason? A contributor shared that when he was working in a restaurant, his manager was forcing him to receive his salary a day later, even though the manager had all the cheques in his hand then. It made him angry, and he decided not to work for that firm further.

7. Too Much Stress

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Often, people try to burden their employees to get more work from them at low wages. It makes workers uncomfortable and unsatisfied with their jobs. A commenter stated that he had been waiting a long time for a holiday because he had worked for several weeks without any break. Fortunately, Christmas came, but his boss forced him to work for a client even on Christmas. After that, he resigned and took a break to refresh himself.

8. Personal Grudges 

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Cooperative and friendly coworkers are important in deciding your contract duration in a company. You can't work with toxic coworkers for a longer period. A woman commented that her manager always hated her without any solid reason. After six months of joining that job, her grandmother passed away. Even though she had already informed her manager about her situation, the manager called and forced her to come to work the very next day.

9. Restricted Promotion

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Every employee dreams of getting promoted to a better position with time. Regular promotions in accordance with someone's hard work ensure his growth in that field. An individual expressed that his boss promised a better position in the company once he got his accounting degree. But, when he got his degree, the boss gave him a nearly same low-paying job that was not acceptable to him. So, he quit that company.

10. Unprofessional Environment 

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Nobody wants to work as a multipurpose employee when hired at a low salary. A boy stated that he had been hired as a server at a restaurant. But, soon, the manager forced him to clean the toilets and grills all day. At the end of the month, he got very little cash in return. He decided to quit the job on the spot.

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