10 Fast Foods Not Worth Your Money

When it comes to fast food, convenience often outweighs considerations of health and quality. However, those who work behind the counters of fast food establishments witness firsthand the hidden realities of the industry. They are privy to valuable insights that can help us make more informed choices about the food we consume.

1. Fuddruckers: Cooking for a Child With Extreme Allergies

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Imagine making a burger for a child with a life-threatening cheese allergy while juggling 50 other orders. That was the reality for one seasoned Fuddruckers employee. The pressure was intense as the worker took every precaution to keep the child safe, but it was a reminder that fast food servers are not healthcare professionals. It's unfair to expect them to be responsible for their child's health, so parents should take precautions.

2. Subway: Turkey Smells Like Human Farts

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Subway is known for its made-to-order sandwiches, but a previous team member says some things come pre-packaged and pre-smelly. The turkey has a distinct odor that's reminiscent of human farts. And if you're a fan of tuna salad, brace yourself for the fact that it's made with a full pound of mayonnaise. If you go to Subway in the morning, you may get yesterday's leftovers, as the crew member revealed that those are used up before anything fresh is prepared.

3. Tim Hortons: The Ice Capp Machine Is Never Cleaned

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Tim Hortons is a beloved institution for many Canadians, but a past staff member revealed a disturbing truth about the iconic Ice Capp machine. According to the insider, the machine is never cleaned, which raises concerns about cross-contamination of allergens. The team member's coworker even suffered anaphylaxis after making herself an Ice Capp due to a penicillin allergy. It's a stark reminder that even a simple pleasure like an Ice Capp can have serious consequences.

4. AMC Theater: Avoid the Coffee

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If you're in the mood for coffee at the movie theater, a former AMC attendant has some advice: avoid it unless it's first thing in the morning. The coffee is often left sitting out for hours and can be stale and rotten. The worker explained that it could sit out for up to five hours, making it a less-than-ideal choice for coffee lovers. It's a reminder that not all movie theater snacks are created equal.

5. Applebee's: Frozen Food and Salad Handling

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Applebee's is a popular spot for casual dining, but according to a previous team player, many dishes aren't as fresh as they seem. The steaks, burgers, and chicken breasts come in frozen vacuum-sealed packages, then thawed and grilled for a minimal amount of time. And if you're a fan of salads, be aware that they may need to be assembled with the utmost care. The staff explained that servers or other coworkers might handle money or dirty dishes before making your salad, which means they may not wash their hands or change gloves frequently.

6. Panera: Mac and Cheese Has Absurdly High-Calorie Count

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Have you ever wondered how much of the food you're eating at Panera is actually frozen? A former worker revealed that soups, pastries, meats, and even the iconic Mac and Cheese all come pre-packaged and frozen. And if you're a fan of the cheesy dish, beware, the calorie count is “absurdly high.” Despite this, some customers come in multiple times a week to indulge in a Mac and Cheese bread bowl, unaware of its nutritional impact.

7. Firehouse Subs: Avoid Non-Sliced Meats and Late Sweet Tea

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A former shift manager at Firehouse Subs has some tips for savvy customers. The steak is frozen and greasy, while the chicken is grilled and then frozen, making it not worth the price tag. Instead, stick to items that only contain sliced meat or the meatball. And if you're a Sweet Tea fan, be cautious about ordering it after 8 pm, as it may need to be fresh. According to the former employee, Sweet Tea needs to be less than four hours old, and they don't typically make a new batch after 4 pm unless they're very busy. And be warned, the Coke Freestyle machines are difficult to clean, and every drink comes out of the same fixture, which can be unsanitary.

8. Domino's (UK): Don't Order Tandoori Chicken

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Domino's is known for its tasty pizza, but one former employee warns against ordering the tandoori chicken. Apparently, the chicken is rarely used and can sit around for days. This is because the chicken comes in tubs and is often swapped between different containers throughout the week, making it old and potentially slimy. So, if you're looking for a fresh and tasty option at Domino's, skip the tandoori chicken.

9. McDonald's: All Day Breakfast Items Are Old After 1:00 PM

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McDonald's all-day breakfast is a popular option for many customers, but a comment from one customer suggests that the breakfast items may not be fresh if ordered after 1 pm. The user points out potential quality and safety concerns, as the food may have been sitting for a few hours. While some McDonald's locations may have policies regarding the freshness of food items, this may vary from restaurant to restaurant.

10. Sandwich Shop: A Contest Sandwich That Wasn't Good

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Have you ever tried a sandwich named after someone but found it less than impressive? A user who worked at a sandwich shop revealed that there was a contest for someone to have a sandwich named after them. The winning sandwich consisted of slices of chicken, apples, and honey served on a croissant and grilled. Despite its popularity, the user only thought of it once they tried it and found it to be not good.

When it comes to fast food, convenience often outweighs considerations of health and quality. However, those who work behind the counters of fast food establishments witness firsthand the hidden realities of the industry. They are privy to valuable insights that can help us make more informed choices about the food we consume.

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