10 Terrible Things That Make People Not Want To Have Kids

Deciding whether or not to have children is a deeply personal decision, and many factors can influence a person's choice. Recently, people have shared some of the reasons they may choose not to have kids on an online platform.

1. Is the Future Too Scary for Kids?

The future is a scary place, and one person recently spoke out about their trepidation when it comes to bringing children into a world that seems rife with instability and danger. Their concerns ranged from the economy and housing costs to global warming and war, and they ultimately concluded that not having children was the best gift they could offer their hypothetical offspring.

2. Daycare Job Drains Interest in Parenting

While some people might find the idea of caring for children all day to be fulfilled, an individual admitted that their job at a crèche left them feeling drained and uninterested in having children of their own. The idea of constantly caring for and looking after children 24/7 was just too much for them to handle.

3. Financial Instability: A Barrier to Parenthood

Money can make the world go round, but it can also be a major stress source for people considering having children. A person recently shared that their financial situation was unstable enough to support a child, citing the high rent, food, and insurance costs. With only $200 left each month, they knew they would need help to cover unexpected expenses, making having a child seem impossible.

4. Freedom vs. Parenthood: A Personal Choice

For some people, the thought of being responsible for another human being is too daunting to contemplate. One commenter recently spoke out about their preference for focusing on their own needs and goals rather than being tied down by the demands of parenthood. They believe having a child would limit their freedom and ability to pursue their dreams.

5. Parenthood: An Irreversible Decision

Having children is a major decision that cannot be taken lightly, and a wise user recently shared their fear of the irreversible nature of this choice. The idea of committing to parenthood and then realizing that they were not cut out for it was overwhelming, and the commenter acknowledged that financial stability and finding a partner were important considerations, but ultimately, the desire to have children should be the driving force behind the decision.

6. Parenting: Only for the Desiring

Parenthood is not for everyone, and a savvy user recently spoke out about their lack of desire to become a parent. According to them, having a child requires an overwhelming desire to become a parent, and since they do not have that desire, they do not see the point in having kids.

7. Caring for Family: A Double-edged Sword

Family can be both a source of love and a source of stress. Someone spoke out about how their experience caring for a mentally disabled older brother had impacted their desire to have children. Despite their love for their brother, the constant demands and responsibilities had taken a toll on them, and they feared that they would not have the patience to deal with similar situations if they had children of their own.

8. Noisy Kids: A Deterrent To Parenting

Kids can be noisy and chaotic. A frustrated homie shared how their neighbor's seven children had deterred them from wanting their own kids. Working from home was challenging due to the continuous noise and frequent disruptions, particularly caused by a teenage boy who frequently screamed and cursed. This experience gave them a firsthand look at the challenges of having multiple children and made them hesitant to take on that responsibility themselves.

9. Mental Health and Parenthood

Mental health is a crucial consideration for anyone thinking about having children. Another user shared how their own struggles with clinical depression had made them hesitant to become a parent. They feared that postpartum depression would be too much to handle and that they were not mentally stable enough to provide the care and support that a child would need.

10. Unpredictable Journey: Behaviors and Parenting

Parenting can be a challenging and unpredictable journey. The final person in the thread discovered when their sister's three-year-old child was expelled from daycare for violent behavior. This incident left the user wary of having their own children, as they feared dealing with similar behavioral issues.

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