10 Fictional Heroes We Wish We Could Have as Our Sidekick

Fictional characters sometimes inspire us so much that we wish to meet them in a dramatization. If you ever find yourself in a critical or risky situation, you must wish to call your favorite smart or adventurous hero. Here, we will discuss the most demanded heroes by the public, who people wish to accompany in dangerous situations.

1. Phil Dunphy

Photo Credit: ABC.

Ty Burrel played the role of Phil Dunphy in the hit series Modern Family.‘ The series is about three related families and their hilarious trials. Phil Dunphy is a cool dad who worked as a lecturer and an amateur magician. He uses interesting parenting techniques to build bonds with his children. The audience loves the character of Phil Dhuny, who helps Burrel get nominations and awards as best performer.

2. Patrick Janes

Image Credit: CBS.

In ‘The Mentalist,' he is a consulting member of CBI. He uses his extraordinary observation powers and psychological knowledge to help investigations. Before joining CBI, Patrick experienced a terrible situation due to his family's death. His secret aim is to find out a serial killer named Red John. Simon Baker excellently covered this role and made everyone his fan. 

3. Rick Harrison

Photo Credit: History.

He is the person who always has someone to give him a phone call to manage every situation. Richard Kevin Harrison performed this character in ‘Pawn Stars. Pawn Stars is a series based on relationships with customers and some personal conflicts. In this series, Rick faces a conflict with her mother about owning the Gold & Silver pawn shop.

4. Jack Reacher

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

In the crime thriller series, Jack Reacher belongs to the US military. After leaving his position as a major in the army, he starts investigating and handling risky situations. Tom Cruise portrayed this character in Jack Reacher (2012). Many contributors commented that they feel so safe thinking of Jack Reacher as their helper. They said they felt sorry for opponents fighting enemies because Reacher would break their limbs.

5. Teal'C

Photo Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

A fictional character in Stargate SG-1, Teal'c is a modified human who belongs to planet Chulak. He works as a warrior and holds a unique pouch, which ensures his good health and longevity. The only reason to join the army is to get an opportunity to take revenge for his father's death. Christopher Judge was selected as Teal'c in this fictional military science-based drama.

6. Jeff Winger

Photo Credit: NBC.

The fictional law professor in the television series Community,' Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), is a successful defense attorney. A person stated if he called Jeff Winger during his kidnapping, kidnappers would get annoyed by him and Jeff Winger. Jeff's talks would make them sick. Due to this reason, the kidnappers would let him go. Another individual mentioned that Jeffer's discussion with kidnappers would be enough to make them ashamed of their act.

7. Batman

The Batman Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

The adventurous fictional superhero Batman or Bruce Wayne is on his way to combating criminals on Gotham Street. He makes himself strong after his parents' death. The public loves this character mainly because Batman has no supernatural powers. All his achievements are because of his intellectual abilities and fighting skills.

8. Raymond Reddington

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

The main character of the NBC series, Blacklist, Raymond Reddington always thinks a few steps ahead of his opponents. He has extraordinary intelligence but wants to make himself a mystery for everyone. According to him, he never thinks about how the victims feel while murdering them. The prominent thing that has made Raymond everyone's favorite is his habit of fulfilling all his promises.

9. Superman 

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

With a charming costume, Superman is a fictional Superman who fights as a vigilante against crimes. He was born on another planet but sent to Earth by his parents. On Earth, he (Clark Kent or Superman) grows with supernatural powers and decides to use his powers against criminals. He hides himself with the help of his special costume to secure his personal life.

10. Leslie Knope

Photo Credit: NBC.

She is the deputy director of the park and recreation department in a fictional city in a television series named Parks and Recreation. Leslie is on her way to ensuring all government services are easily available to the public. She works hard for her goals but often experiences failure even though she is intelligent and hardworking. Amy Poehler efficiently portrayed this character and won awards for her remarkable performance.

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