10 Ways to Embrace Mindful Living

Slow living refers to the concept of slowing down, adopting practices to simplify & achieve a mindful lifestyle. Life is meant to be enjoyed & reveled in. We on Earth are to experience the beauty of nature & its wonders, but sometimes, we get so busy in this rat race that we forget to cherish the little joys of life. Therefore, it is important to slow down for a moment & live life at your pace. Here are the top 10 ways to promote a mindful lifestyle:

1. Wake Early

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Wake up early, at 5 or 6 p.m. every day. Stretch your body, make your bed, and take a cold shower. This will take away all the laziness & set you ready for all-day-long challenges. Now that you have extra time, spend the first hour of the day intentionally, as it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Drink Enough Water & Workout Daily

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Try to drink 2 liters of water every day. It helps maintain the water & mineral content of the body & detoxifies the skin. Alongside this, add any workout activity to your routine. When we practice slow living, we have a lot of energy left that needs to be channeled. You should train a minimum of 30 minutes daily to improve cardiovascular health. 

3. Set Boundaries

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Everyone has different goals & priorities that are supported by our level of efforts unparalleled from each other. Understand your priorities and goals. Dedicate your time passionately to work, family, and hobbies, keeping a healthy balance between. Setting up boundaries for tasks helps avoid stresses that come as a result of unhealthy work-life balance.

4. Read & Journal

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Reading is as important as breathing is. Just like oxygen is the body's food, books & knowledge are the soul's food. Choose a book that syncs your interest & can shape you into a better person. Read at least five pages every day & journal the things you've learned from it. This will help strengthen your memory & improve your writing style.

5. Eat Healthy

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Avoid having junk food, start eating healthy & maintain a diet plan that includes protein, carbs & healthy fats. Set your phone aside while eating & talk to yourself. Take balanced meals as eating meals in less & larger volumes can disturb the body's natural metabolism. Try to eat slow & enjoy every bite of your food. 

6. Declutter

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Decluttering refers to removing useless things, such as unnecessarily pending tasks or old, unwanted clothes. This promotes peace of mind & happiness when you stay tidy around. You may declutter any toxic person or thoughts that limit your self-growth or make you feel insecure about your insecurities. The purpose of it is to get a sustainable & simple lifestyle.

7. Reduce Screen Time

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Mobile phones were invented to connect humans, not to isolate them from the real world. People today have high Screen times that drain energy, waste meaningful time, and shift their focus away. It is important to remember what you picked up the phone for. Take a break from Social Media & invest that time in your self-care. Go out & meet new people.

8. Skill & Hobby

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Learning a new skill is never easy, so it's called a skill. Explore your hobbies & see which hobby appeals to you the most. Research a skill that investing time in can become a source of income for you. Be patient & enjoy the process. Remember, the only competition you have is just with yesterday's you & today's you, not anyone else.

9. Less Productive

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Sometimes, people try to be productive & whenever they do, they become stressed. It is because you want to do everything impossible at all. This is called Toxic productivity. Relax & slow down; the more calmly you take things, the better the focus & the more productive you get. Try to do things at your own pace.

10. Noise

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We live in a fast-paced environment where everyone is in a hurry & surrounded by noise. We're so busy with our business schedules & daily life that we've got desensitized to it. You don't even realize that you're in a noisy environment now. Slow down & embrace silence. Listen to the sounds of nature & you'll relax & cheer a mindful lifestyle.

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