10 Easy Changes for a Happier Life

Living a monotonous life is quite dull and exhausting. Sometimes, minor changes do wonders for us that we never expected. It is time to eliminate dramatic overturns and sermons and accept some happiness hacks. People share small tricks and hacks to grab happiness; let's read it out.  

1. A Happy Walk 

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Adding a walk routine will give you physical and mental benefits. A user shares a story of his neighbor's recovery, which only happened due to his consistent walking behavior. Furthermore, a wife tells a secret sauce of his husband becoming sober, and the credit goes to the daily walking routine, as it increases dopamine, which makes the person mentally fit. 

2. A Reading Addition 

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For people who watch TV or use social media before sleeping, it is advisable to start reading books. A book lover says this addition has made him sleep fast. Another book lover suggests reading The Count of Monte Cristo as it is the best book ever. Another person came up with the idea of audiobooks, which also helps.  

3. Stretching a Day

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Physical exercises are always fruitful for getting a happier and more peaceful life. A yoga lover shares that ten minutes of yoga stretching in a day has improved his posture and reduced chronic pain. Another user adds that his back pain has decreased due to this habit. Furthermore, he shares that doing it for a few minutes is enough for a positive change. 

4. Oil Painting

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A therapeutic addition of oil painting helps freshen up the mind. A painting lover shares that allocating some time in a day for oil painting helps to bring new life into the man. Another user recommends watercolors due to the long dryness period of oil painting. Another oil painter shares that basic fruit painting and Smokey Bear are his favorite ones. 

5. Toning Down Work  

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Mostly, employees do double or triple work to get appreciation or allowances from the office. A user critically calls it just damage to his mental health. He adds that things like responding to all the emails or making an updated list can wait. Another user advises to follow the formula of work your wage, as it would save a lot of family time. 

6. No More News 

Upset woman looking at laptop.
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It is a fact that watching or commenting on news or political debates actually drains the energy, and it develops a frustrating attitude. A user suggests avoiding engaging in political articles, as it is just a waste of time with no knowledgeable facts. Another user says if you can't resist, just avoid watching the news at night, as it is a drastically draining factor for having a happier life. 

7. A Birdy Moment 

Two people walking on a boardwalk
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Spending time in nature and engaging with the birds and animals naturally makes humans happy and joyous. A bird lover shares that he gets peaceful joy after feeding his birds and spending time with them. Another birdy lover calls it his endless joyous moment of life. Another user adds that how his chickens make him laugh every single day, which is such a precious moment. 

8. Dish Gloves  

Man cleaning dishes
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Doing dishes is therapeutic for most people, but adding gloves to it makes the washing more comfortable. A person shares that this small change has made the washing experience smoother. The other user adds that he can't imagine touching dirty dishes, so the gloves made his life easy. Furthermore, another person adds that meat handling has become so much easier due to these gloves. 

9. Delete Social Media Apps 

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The attention span is getting smaller due to social media apps. A social media user shares that deleting apps like Instagram, Twitter (X), and TikTok comes with a lot of peace. Another user pointed out that these apps create a lot of distractions, so delete them from the mobile and start using from the laptop; it will automatically reduce the use duration and hence a little distraction. 

10. Fruit Smoothie

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Fruits are considered to be the main ingredients for a happy and fresh life. However, adding fruit smoothies into the daily routine makes the man more energetic and happy. A smoothie lover shares that adding a smoothie into his routine has helped him to recover from sleeping at the desk at midday. Another user considers spinach drink more healthy and energetic than coffee. 

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